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Let's go Galloping 

Hi all. It has been a long time since I have visited these pages. I haven’t been completely away though. For those of you following my online activity, you will know that my Professional Blogging has still been active. 290 more words

Fowzia Gamiet

Let's Celebrate by Giving of Ourselves

We’ve gotten through the holiday seasons, celebrated with our families, our coworkers or maybe by ourselves, however we chose. Now as we accept the fact that winter, along with its unpredictable ups and downs is here (I’m from the Carolinas), I myself am feeling a bit of a lull, a quietness maybe. 351 more words


Revising New Year’s Resolutions –Mind, Body and Soul

Written by Lizzie Morris! An avid coffee drinker, runner, true west coaster and complete book worm. She’s trying to explore and learn skills on everyday sustainability and teach herself a few lessons along the way. 496 more words

Add a little confetti to each day! :-)

“It’s not what happens to us that makes the difference in our lives. What makes the difference is our attitude towards what happens.”

This is my rule to live by .. 299 more words