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2016: Your Celebration

According to various *slightly* reliable sources, (People Magazine, Yahoo, and Cosmopolitan magazine) 2016 is supposed to be our year, Virgos. We are going to have a year full of financial success, passionate romance, and loads and loads of fun because of something that has to do with Mars, Jupiter, and orbiting in a certain way around a thing. 801 more words



The countdown began.

I walked away from you, stranger,

and walked toward my people.

Because they’re the ones I love.

I don’t need your whiskey lips on mine. 29 more words

Stop! Drop! And Roll!

When I’m overtired or especially hungry, I can sense my ears ringing, my temple aching and a steady pulse behind my right eye — the spot where my concussion, following a bike crash, lingered the longest. 1,455 more words

Tri-Umphant Living

Beyond Cookie-Cutters: Celebrating Your Uniqueness

Well, here we are again. Smack-dab in the middle of this gloriously gluttonous time of year…

Trees, stars, and snowmen. Candy canes, snowflakes, and bells. They come in all the shapes of the season, and though some of us may take it upon themselves to bake these tasty delights, my sole concern tends to focus on their demise. 737 more words

Life Coach

Cheating men: A woman's quick guide

I write this post with the heaviest of hearts. Every time I hear about a man cheating on his girlfriend or wife, especially someone I know, my heart bleeds inside and I feel like crying.  709 more words

Fowzia Gamiet

Lessons From My Daughter (Pt 6)

We are 10 months old. Where did time fly to?

It is such a blessing to be a mummy to this little girl. I am amazed at how far God has brought us. 391 more words