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How Positive Self Image Can make you Succesful

Okay now… I quite understand that loving yourself in spite of your supposedly setbacks, failure and your self presumed doom can be difficult.

But seriously, Do you know you are beautiful, successful and have all you need to live an abundant life. 371 more words


Confidence According to Sari Cohen

I really feel that Sari’s particular flavour of confidence has to be explored and shared so the rest of us can learn from her example. 532 more words

Life + Advice

Celebrate Yourself.


Just want to give you guys an update with my life. I know ya’ll don’t care but whatever I’m still going to do it. 😝 499 more words

Celebrate Yourself

Ask. Visualize. Claim. Expect.

A few powerful words that I live by. I can openly admit that I have not always been the most confident individual. 848 more words


You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

Happy 2 Month Anniversary, Gwendolyn HR!  You’re the Best at what you do. Keep on writing, keep on posting, and most importantly keep on being unapologetically you. 76 more words

My Journey

Happy Valentines Day to that Special Someone

I want to stop and say how much you mean to me. You have been there through the thick and thin. No matter the highs, the lows, you were always there. 144 more words

Seeing the World in Subtitles

Many people do not realize that although we all have different learning styles, we also have different views of experiencing our every day world. 325 more words