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Better than Reese's

I’m back this week with another recipe to share! I also found this one on Pinterest. I feel like at this point they should just sponsor me if that’s even a thing because I use Pinterest for pretty much everything in my life. 382 more words



When I started this journey, I never imagined that I would

have so many people follow my writing. You have all

become like family to me and I love reading your posts… 9 more words


Do The Grammys Really Matter?

On January 28th (J.Cole’s birthday) we will witness the 2018 Grammys. Of course most things nominated were released in 2017 and some even in 2016, but I suppose this is so everyone can have sufficient time to digest all the music nominated. 1,005 more words


Should we change Australia Day?

At one time, I used to support the idea of changing Australia Day because I felt this would be a healing gesture towards First Australians, but meanwhile I don’t think this would achieve what it sets out to do. 394 more words

Formal Writing

If your favourite dress had a heart...

What is your favourite dress? When was the last time you wore it? How many times have you worn it in the last 3 years? Do you own it, use it or do you simply save it? 366 more words

Granola Bar Day

January 21st: National Granola Bar Day

Granola bars are a great on the go snack. They’re usually full of protein and can tide you over until it’s time for a meal. 208 more words

I Like It, But What's Going On?

Very weird. All of these good things are happening to me all of a sudden. Which is quite unusual.

It’s like fate looked down on me and took pity upon my forlorn state, and my often joyless life. 345 more words