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Wishing for snow

It doesn’t get much better than a snow day. We haven’t had one yet, but there’s the potential for snow here tonight and nothing would make Paul’s birthday tomorrow better than for me to have the day off and nothing to do but tromp through the snow and drink cocoa. 413 more words


Happy Human Rights Day!


Did you guys know that it’s Human Rights Day today? Well I didn’t until a few days ago.

10th December is celebrated as Human Rights Day. 78 more words

Mawlid mode

Today is Mawlid El-Nabi (in English this translates very roughly as “the birth of the prophet”), which is the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). In line with the Islamic calendar, which is lunar-based, it shifts back about 12 days every year in the Gregorian calendar. 306 more words


Celebrating the Abergavenny Christmas Food & Drink Fair 2016

We are open on Sunday 11th December 10am-4pm in celebration of the Abergavenny Christmas Food & Drink Fair. 

The creative energy of artists, designers, artisans and chefs enlivens our spaces with innovative, festive works – jewellery, textiles, ceramics, paintings, printmaking and edible creations. 201 more words


Welcoming the Islamic New Year with Dragons, Drumming, and Dancing

— By Kelly Fitzgerald —

“Miss, the students want time to prepare for Muharrom. No class today, okay?” my co-teacher said with a smile Friday morning, five minutes before our last class of the week was supposed to begin. 1,681 more words


5th Dec - 11th Dec 16

Pashu gets booked.

On 7th December, Pashu got engaged to Gaurav Wadhwa. A case of ‘bugle mein churi, Sahar mein dandhora.’ Mona and Shama Wadhwa are both followers of RadhaSwami Panth, have participated in ‘Shewa’ as friends, for years. 204 more words

Apna Sansar


I couldn’t wait any longer to post this song. I think I post it every year around Christmas. This song is the jam!!! It’s called “Hallelujah! 76 more words