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7 Nerdy Celebrities Whose Comic Book Fandoms Justify Your Own

You know, I’ve always thought comic books were for everyone. Young or old, rich or poor, regular or famous. So, here’s the Comics Beacon list of 7 celebrities whose love of comics practically mirrors your own. 620 more words


Getting to the Bottom of "The Sexiest Man Alive" Award (2012)

People Magazine has named him 2012’s Sexiest Man Alive.  And because I believe it’s important to keep you all up to date on current events, I present you Channing Tatum in all his splendor. 546 more words


Things Charlie Sheen Might Say as a Judge on American Idol

As news has spread that Steven Tyler is exiting American Idol, rumor has it that Charlie Sheen is in the running for a job as his replacement.  1,215 more words


The Maniacal Thoughts of an Insomniac

I’ve barely slept this week.  An admitted night owl, sleep tends to take a back burner when there’s a lot going on.  I know that sleep is something I need more of, from an energy standpoint, but whoever coined the term “beauty sleep” was on to something. 1,589 more words


I'd Like To Thank the Academy...

One thing I love about the world of blogging is the camaraderie among fellow bloggers.   We get to know each other through reading each other’s thoughts , humor, opinions, and rants.  1,048 more words

Blogging And Social Media

Ask The Google Bitch: All Your Pantyhose Questions Answered!

It is my honor to introduce to you a new weekly column…a column where your every Google search is analyzed, poked fun of, and eventually answered…in a bitchy kind of way.  1,673 more words


...But What I'm Really Worried About is Will and Jada

What a day. 

From my East Coast location here, some of us felt a few tremors today as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Virginia, D.C. and New York.  239 more words