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Trump Bringing Out The Truth In People

I have to say that as “The Celebrity Apprentice” wore on (and on, and on, and on), I got less and less interested. How many fundraisers for charity can you televise and still make it interesting? 493 more words


7. Political Twitter Fun

Often we don’t put politicians in the same category as celebrities but this election, if never before, is the time to do so.  Billionaire, reality television star Donald Trump is running for president. 588 more words


'Celebrity Apprentice' Alumni Attack Each Other Over Claims Donald Trump's A Racist

Uh oh! Four former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestants denounced Donald Trump as a racist at a news conference on Friday, April 15, and now, other alumni from the show are accusing them of being ‘fame whores,’ who are just desperate for more TV time. 469 more words

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'Apprentice' alumni come together to denounce Donald Trump

There’s no question that NBC TV shows The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice helped Donald Trump‘s ascension in the public eye. By that logic, the reality shows themselves had a hand in Trump’s current run for the Republican nomination, and by extension, so did the contestants, celebrity and otherwise, who took part over the years. 483 more words


'The Voice' Production Designer Takes Inspiration From Unique Sources

Production designer James Connelly gets inspiration from all kinds of sources. Prior to working on the set of this year’s “The Voice,” an idea hit him as he walked through the Universal lot, passing productions in progress. 121 more words


How Reality TV Took Over U.S. Politics

Lights! Camera! Booming television announcer: 17 candidates. Eight former or current governors. Five current or former senators. Two former or current CEOs, and a neurosurgeon. They’re all competing for one job and you, the voter, get to pick. 1,007 more words

Rick Stacy On Demand 3.21.16

President Obama travels to Cuba, Celebrity Apprentice gets a new host, and Domino’s pizza delivery robot in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

SUNNY Update– President Obama travels to Cuba, a biker is reunited with his parrot, and even smaller airline seats. 75 more words