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The Boy Who Cried Fake News

These are exciting times to be a journalist. And very depressing ones if you have certain preferences for what you would like the news to be. 1,020 more words



In March this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his first season of “Celebrity Apprentice” would also be he last. “Even if asked (to do it again) I would decline,” he told Empire Magazine.   809 more words


Between War and Peace

In recent months, as tensions between the United States and North Korea escalate toward violence, conventional methods for maintaining peace seem limited.  Bellicosity and irrationality dominate each side, rendering traditional diplomatic outreach fruitless.   398 more words


Donald Trump Blasted 'Celebrity Apprentice' Because Schwarzenegger Did Not Vote For Him, Star Says

UPDATED with video: President Donald Trump, a decades-long friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, savaged him as host of Celebrity Apprentice because he was ticked Arnold wouldn’t vote for him. 478 more words

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Ivanka Trump Joins 'Celebrity White House' As Unpaid Employee

Donald Trump’s White House looks one step more like an edition of Celebrity Apprentice with Ivanka Trump’s formal announcement this afternoon that she is joining the administration staff as an “unpaid employee.” This after insisting she would not take a position at the White House, except for that of First Daughter. 249 more words

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Fool of our “Fool-in-Chief”

When “Celebrity Apprentice” was canceled recently, Trump immediately blamed its failure on Arnold Schwarzenegger for its low ratings. In his tweets, he made a sad attempt to make fun of the movie star. 144 more words