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20/7/18 - Oh

“Oh, Sandra,” said the man.
“Good one,” smiled Sandra Oh.

“Oh! Sandra!” giggled the man.
“Yep,” nodded Sandra, politely.

“Sandra? Oh…” laughed the man.
“Mmhmm,” said Sandra. 19 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

19/7/18 - Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
Opened up the hatch
And stared at what was inside.

He looked at it.
He spat at it.
He couldn’t get over its size. 18 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

18/7/18 - Diesel

Vin Diesel killed a weasel
Using the heel of his shoe.
It left him blue
But he didn’t know what else to do
When it jumped up… 7 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

17/7/18 - Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff had a nasty cough.
He spluttered and sneezed
And puffed and wheezed
All over his favourite trunks.
‘Ah feck it,’ he laughed by the gorgeous pool, 9 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

16/7/18 - Ferrell

Will Ferrell was in peril
So screamed “help”
At the top of his lungs.

A stranger stopped by
And helped him out with a smile… 11 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

15/7/18 - Whitaker

Forest Whitaker quit Twitter
And started writing
His thoughts on post-it notes.

He stuck “Hungry, lol!” on the fridge,
“#FridayFeeling” on a Crunchie bar,
And “I’m so lonely” on his wife’s head.

© Carl Burkitt 2018

Celebrity Birthdays

14/7/18 - Lynch

Jane Lynch shrank down to an inch
And went hunting for things to pinch.

First she stole some crumbs from a mouse
Then a strand of straw from a rabbit’s house. 24 more words

Celebrity Birthdays