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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th December

Births today include, among others, English born co-founder of the Methodist movement and hymn writer – John Wesley actually started to enjoy himself in 1707. Serial philanderer and actor who went onto become a clown – Joseph Grimaldi was more than a side show in 1778. 495 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th December

Today’s posting starts with scientist who not only discovered electro magnetism but also the person schoolboys have to thank for inventing an early day doorbell thereby starting the pastime of ‘Knock down ginger’ (‘Ding dong ditch’ for my transatlantic readers) – Joseph Henry found it hard to let go of his mum from 1797. 557 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th December

Births today begin in 1485 with wife of axe loving Henry VIII as Catherine of Aragon entered the world in Spain before making it to England. 578 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th December

The following have/will be ripping open their birthday pressies today, starting with¬†Emperor of Rome who’s got a chain of coffee shops named after him in Great Britain – Nero served himself up in his own time way back in 37. 501 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th December

Today’s posting begins with one of the first people to use one part of their name – Michel de Nostredame, or as he was more widely known – Nostradamus, not only predicted his birthday, he kept to it from 1503. 661 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th December

Pope’s begin both paragraphs in today’s posting – so without any further ado, Felice Peretti de Montalto or Pope Sixtus V failed to undertake a vow of silence from 1521. 549 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th December

Albert II, Duke of Austria and Styria, known as ‘the Wise’ and ‘the Lame’ starts today’s posting given he was fully functional in 1298. First Chief Justice of the United States, (among his many official titles), John Jay ratified his birth in 1745. 700 more words