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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st August

Today’s births paragraph begins with King of Portugal and the Algarves – Afonso VI found himself victorious in birth back in 1643. William Murdoch, (the person responsible for bringing gas lighting to Britain) coincidentally started contributing to the gas supply in 1754. 663 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th August

Having mentioned (only yesterday), impeached President of the United States who liked to give a mouthful, today’s births paragraph begins with 23rd holder of the same title, Benjamin Harrison voted with his feet as to when he’d celebrate his birthday from 1833. 718 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th August

People who have/will be eating a piece of birthday cake today, include, among others, Salamone Rossi, (distant relative of Status Quo guitarist Francis), who could play more than three chords on his violin and was plucked out in 1570. 583 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th August

We see today’s births paragraph start with British Prime Minister John Russell (the one with the rather large mutton chops on his cheeks), found he gained his liberty in 1792. 612 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths

Today’s posting starts with Richard of Shrewsbury, who was made Duke of York a year after his birth in 1473 and never did get to march his men to the top of the hill and back down again, given he died aged 10. 683 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th August

Births today start with Anne of Austria, born in 1573 who went onto become consort of Poland, Grand Duchess consort of Lithuania, and, not content with those titles, she also added Queen consort of Sweden to the list. 720 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th August

Today, the following celebrated/are celebrating their special day of the year, and we begin with early day civil engineer and professional road builder – John ‘Blind Jack’ Metcalf who based himself in Knaresborough, Yorkshire from 1717. 649 more words