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20 Celebrities You Forgot Used to Be BFFs

While celebrity BFFs like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have managed to make Hollywood friendships look like a walk in the park, there are a lot of former celebrity friends out there who would tell you otherwise. 95 more words


Season of Splits: 10 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up This Summer

Though this summer saw the spark of tons of hot new celebrity couples (see: Zendaya and Tom Holland), it also saw the fallout of several beloved Hollywood pairs. 91 more words


Celeb Couples that Prove You Can Stay Friends After a Breakup

You know it, and we know it: staying friends with an ex isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do! While many breakups (or divorces) can get super awkward, and even nasty, there are a handful of celebrity couples who prove putting differences aside for the sake of children/family/work is… 442 more words


Irritable Male Syndrome in Hip Hop ... Ferrari Tru3 leaks Rob Kardashians Number

What in the penis is going on here??? Irritable Male Syndrome at its finest.  Blac Chyna’s million dollar vagina has these penis’ Rob Kardashian and Ferrari Tru3 ejaculating estrogen at a higher than normal rate. 150 more words

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Why Rumors that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Faked Their Drama Need to End

On the morning after July 4, when the fireworks were long blown-out from the night before, Rob Kardashian sparked things up again when he went on a social media tirade accusing Blac Chyna, his now ex-fiance, of cheating on him. 969 more words


BREAKING! A Celebrity Relationship Doesn't Belong to Us

Well, this must be a shocker. (Sarcasm. I’d figure people would be able to tell, but just in case, let’s make it abundantly clear.) And granted I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinions here, if it were that easy, the world would be a better place by now. 615 more words


Mary J Blige Ordered to Pay Kendu Isaacs $30,000/Month

R&B singer Mary J Blige lost the latest round in her acrimonious divorce battle with estranged husband Kendu Isaacs. A Judge ordered the “Not Gon’ Lie” 214 more words

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