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Celebrity diet pills available online!

Everyone must have surely heard about the instant way celebrities shedding extra pounds across their body. Factors enabling them lose weight is not only celebrity dieting but they are also dependent upon weight loss diet pills. 276 more words

Ashley Olsen shows that she is human

I don’t want to criticize Ashley Olsen for this photo, because as a woman I know that I probably don’t look so hot without makeup. Why should I judge when I can definitely say that I do not have such a great body in a bikini (though I would hope that I wouldn’t judge if I did). 60 more words

D-List Celebrities

Miley Cyrus falls into Hollywood's standards

It would be hard to be a celebrity, and be forced to submit to the every day stress to be skinny, thin, and to fit into a size zero. 108 more words

D-List Celebrities

Ashley Greene in a pretend wedding gown

Yes I just stated the obvious. Why is Ashley Greene even invited to the MET? Aside from some shitty vampire movies, has she been in anything else that required acting? 35 more words

Celebrity Worst Dressed

Do Celebrity Diets Work for the Working Class?

Lets face it, we’ve all seen magazines with “Jennifer Lopez’s Top 10 dieting secrets” written across the front page and been at least a little curious as to how she manages to do it, especially so soon after having children. 276 more words

Victoria Beckham -- a miracle

Victoria Beckham is a real piece of work. Look at this picture. How is she keeping upright? I’ll tell you how: with a mixture of prescription narcotics and a lot of starch in her clothes. 160 more words

Celebrity Anorexia