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Caitlyn Jenner finally see Trump's true colors after his ban on Transgenders joining the Army.

Now yall remember when Caitlyn Jenner was going around speaking about how she was really down for Donald Trump and his crusade. As a Trump supporter she had never saw this coming but it is here. 294 more words


Michael Vick apologizes for Kaepernick COMMENTS!

Earlier on in the week Michael Vick created a firestorm when he began criticizing Colin Kaepernick, suggesting Colin Kaepernick cut his hair to make himself more appealing to NFL owners. 111 more words


The Young and The Rustless | Tokyo Toni comes for Tyga

So lately  Tokyo Toni has been going in on everybody’s shit. From Bruce Jenner, Perez Hilton and now she has added another name to her list and that is TYGA. 179 more words


O.J. Simpson granted parole

It seems like O.j. is never gonna be down for long.

Via Sandra Rose:

A Nevada parole board granted O. J. Simpson’s parole request, despite calls for the commissioners to take into consideration his murderous past. 157 more words


Wait Huh| R.Kelly running cult full of young women?

So yes, R.Kelly is back in the news and is being accused of running a sex cult filled with young women that he brainwashed.

Everyone knows that R.Kelly has always been the center of the rumors of pedophilia and rape, ever since that sex tape got leaked that he claims wasn’t him and was “his brother”. 588 more words


Young and The Rustless | Photos suggest that Rob Kardashian moved back in with Chyna.

They are loooking at the snapchat photos and saying

look at the tables

In my opinion if he moved back in, then that’s him. He was raised by a whore, grew up with whores and I guess this shit is expected for a man who was always associated with whores. 20 more words