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"RHOA" S8EP13 Kenya Unleashes the Housewife in Kim Fields

The Bravo field trip opened better than most.  The heat between Kenya and Kim overshadowed Nene’s return.  Episode 13 was funny. The Queen of Shade Phaedra was on point and the banter between Porsha and Phaedra was hysterical.   1,179 more words


Rob Kardashian Gets Kicked Out of Khloe's House

It had been recently reported, through multiple sources, that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been spitefully banging behind the Kardashian clans back. As we all know Blac Chyna had been friends with the Kardashians (Kim’s BFF who lived ACCROSS THE STREET) for some years. 168 more words


Waah Megyn Kelly is Mean!

How dare she ask me about insulting women!

She is third rate, how dare she?

By the Way

The Women love me*

*Except that big fat Rosie O’Donnell


RHOA-S8 EP10 "Trouble on the Family Tree" (The Return of Monster/Mother Joyce)

This could be called the Family Episode  Porsha and her sister Lauren, Kandi and Monster Joyce*.  Kenya and the Moore’s. Peter and Cynthia.

Remember this Short Song… 649 more words


RHOA Se8 ep6 Kim Fields needs to channel her "Régine Hunter"

If Blair Warner was mean to Tootie, Mrs Garrett would fix it. But Mrs Garrett isn’t in Atlanta.

The Current Kim, is a director, actress, mother, wife and  happy housewife (without a Nanny) staying home with her family and seems happy, happy, happy! 1,074 more words


RHOA Se8Ep4 Someone on the boat is about to get slapped

I’ll Show you mine if you show me yours

Kenya can’t help herself, she sees Sheree at Chateau Sheree and decides to come visit (un huh) the visit is more of an ambush as Kenya try’s to force her way inside.   647 more words


Straight Outta Compton EXPLOSION Jerry Heller Sues Dr Dre and nearly everyone connected with the movie

Jerry Heller the former manager and producer of NWA ,says he was defamed in the movie Straight Outta Compton.

Earlier today, Heller filed a lawsuit against the movie’s distributor, NBC Universal, as well as director F. 141 more words