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Two Lies Tuesday

In honor of my first Chicks blog post (!!!!), I’d like to introduce a little game I call “Two Lies Tuesday.” If you’ve ever played “Two Truths and a Lie,” then you’ll know exactly what to do. 422 more words

Los Angeles

30 Signs You're From Los Angeles

1. You have a tan during the winter.

2. You make six figures a year and still can’t afford a home.

3. You’ve had at least one kind of celebrity encounter. 369 more words

After School’s Lizzy, actresses Park Soojin and Choi Yeojin spotted in Australia

Singer Lizzy from popular Kpop girl group After School, along with her actress buddies Park Soojin and Choi Yeojin have been spotted basking in the Australian sunshine in the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne. 172 more words


The time I met... Meghan Trainor

Now I know I had a slight rant about Meghan Trainor’s iffy lyric choices last year, but I got the chance to meet her last week and I have to say she is a pretty awesome lady. 394 more words


Camping reminded me...

While I was camping with several other people this weekend, it made me reflect on some things from a few years ago. This group normally, and I, myself normally would just pull up somewhere, or hike somewhere with backpacks and then set-up camp. 913 more words


'WIILLSONN!' A Cab Driver Shares His Delightful Encounter With Tom Hanks

Heartwarming celebrity encounters: why can’t they happen to me? The closest I’ve ever gotten was when David Koechner pinned me to a bar with his belly (which admittedly was pretty cool).  579 more words

Film Drunk

My experience at the MOBO Awards 2014

I got the chance to attend my first ever MOBO Awards this week and it was a pretty fun experience to say the least.

From the red carpet, to the show and the after party, I was able to see some of my favourite UK talent and spend a night celebrating them all with fellow fans in the industry. 317 more words