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A Brief History Of Ricky Gervais Pissing People Off

Ricky Gervais has had an incredibly successful and long career in the entertainment industry, and he’s been pissing people off the entire time. Whether it’s hosting an awards show, doing stand-up, or simply sending out a 140 character tweet, there’s been no shortage of public run-ins with celebrities, as well as the non-famous. 1,084 more words

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Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen Feuding on ‘Fab Life’?

Tyra Banks’ new daytime talk show “The Fab Life” will debut on more than 70 percent of television stations in the country this fall, and while production on the show has yet to begin, there’s already drama behind-the-scenes between veteran host Banks and model… 312 more words


A Brief History Of Shia LaBeouf Acting Weird

Last year, I documented a few of the numerous things that the internet hates about Shia LaBeouf. Like how he out assholed Alec Baldwin and would bash a movie studio and then take a job with said movie studio. 794 more words

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John Cleese Delivered The Perfect Burn In Response To Piers Morgan's Trolling

Nobody likes Piers Morgan. This is an accepted fact. When someone as divisive of a figure as Chelsea Handler can own him and make the townspeople cheer, you know it’s bad. 282 more words

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Lil Wayne Tour Bus SHOOTER Was Once YOUNG THUG'S ROAD MANAGER!!!!!! 

This Is Tea!

Now we all knew Young Thug or Baby was behind Weezy’s tour bus shooting that happened in Atlanta a few weeks ago… We wasn’t expecting the link to be so close Tho!!! 150 more words

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Young Buck Blames Snoop Dogg For FAKE DRUG TEST STUNT!!! 

Welp…Young Buck Was Doing So Good..

Since he was released from prison in October 2013 he’s managed to keep a clean slate, but last week, he slipped up a bit. 110 more words

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Insane Wrestler Scott Steiner Is Putting Up $1 Million Of His Own Money To Challenge Hulk Hogan

Let’s not mince words here. Scott Steiner doesn’t seem to be the biggest Hulk Hogan fan these days, and he doesn’t care who knows it. If you’ll remember, he was… 299 more words