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A late night.

Napping throws my schedule off, but I need it!
Resting gets me through the day.

I watched Celebrity Ghost Stories in the evening. 29 more words


Virtual Skeptics #99 - 8/13/2014

This Week on The Virtual Skeptics

  • Bob’s got nuthin;
  • Eve faces a Herculean task;
  • And Tim is answering his own questions.
  • 303 more words

Episode 118: Plug It Up

This week the boys talk about crime show reenactments and weak southern accents. They reminisce about Weird Al as videos pop up daily from his new album Mandatory Fun. 31 more words

Jeremy L. Morrison

My Next Ghostly Appearance

You can see me as the ghost bellhop on Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). I expire from a heart attack and 100 years later, hop into bed with actor Max Adler and his girlfriend. 25 more words

Ghost Bell Hop

On March 28, 2014, after a wait of several months, “Celebrity Ghost Stories” is showing an episode in which I play the lead ghost. My character haunted Max Adler of “Glee” and his girlfriend in a hotel in Venice. 60 more words

"Simplified Life, Amplified God"

This was not what I intended to write about, but as the hour approaches midnight and I can no longer avoid this day seamlessly moving into the next, there are some harsh realities to be faced, gut-wrenching truths to be grappled with. 1,573 more words