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Emilia Clarke Cut Her Hair into a Chin-Length Bob, and She Looks So Chic

The bob is officially back— wait, did it go anywhere? Even though the hairstyle never completely died—because it could never—it has, however, made a major resurgence atop the heads of celebrities this spring. 271 more words


Halsey Used Diamond Necklaces to Accessorize Her Billboard Music Awards Hairstyle

This past Sunday, the Billboard Music Awards provided a three hour reprieve of our Royal Wedding wormholes— like the one that had us staring at… 237 more words


20 A-List Examples of Perfectly Cut Blunt Bangs

Anyone who’s sat in a salon chair and asked for a blunt haircut knows that the style requires a steady, expert hand. And if you’re throwing bangs into the mix, well, we hope your stylist has excellent reviews, too. 118 more words


22 Celebrities Who Look Drastically Different with Short vs. Long Hair

To cut or not to cut your hair. That is the question that plagues most people at some point in their lives. One one hand, short hair means less fuss and a fresh start when your hair begins growing out. 107 more words


Mila Kunis' New Haircut is Exactly What We Need for Spring

Spring is here and for some, that means it’s time for a hair change. Even if it’s not dramatic, a little extra something can make a big difference and right now, we’re taking notes from… 140 more words


Brie Larson's Hairstylist Has a Brilliantly Original Hack for Taming Flyaways

No matter what your hair length is (barring bald for the time being), it’s like flyaways are destined to be in every hairstyle you wear. You can go through all the hairspray, toothbrushes, and gel, but those tiny hairs find a way to stick straight up. 222 more words


Leighton Meester Says Her Platinum Blonde Hair Isn't Meant to Look 'Natural'

We couldn’t fathom Blair Waldorf wanting her hair to look like Serena van der Woodsen, but “Gossip Girl” alum Leighton Meester just ditched her signature brown hair for an icy, platinum lob. 329 more words