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The Sweet Sound of Eureka

Randomness is a wonderful thing.

Occasionally, the gift of randomly stumbling onto something completely out of the blue can pay enormous dividends. Perhaps “stumbling” isn’t the best word…”slashing” sounds better. 176 more words

Shaken, not Stirred

Successfully managing the night could lead to booking a future hotel guest by the name of Tom Ford.

The same Tom Ford who tailors the suits for… 497 more words

Fourth Be With You May It

What day is today?

Yoda knows.

In 1977, George Lucas (still forgiving him the best we can for Episodes I, II and III) unleashed his imagination to the world with an out-of-this-world space operatic adventure that redefined cinema and the culture in too many ways to identify and describe. 128 more words

D.B.'s Treasured Process

Inferno was red hot as a book back in 2013 and Inferno is set to be a red hot movie in theaters this October 28th. 330 more words

Marc Maron interviews Susan Sarandon

Episode: Susan Sarandon

Category: Comedy

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After Marc Maron interviewed President Obama, his podcast was taken from a secluded part of the internet only followed by comedy nerds to the mainstream.   206 more words


There's Nothing He Can't Do! Warren Campbell (@WarrynCampbell) Talks Life on Music, Family, & Life On Top!

What does it take to be on top? Is it a cosmic lottery where you are randomly and divinely picked? Or perhaps it is the sheer desire to be the best, to push yourself beyond any limits you thought possible. 619 more words

Hey Mikey

Two Cool Cats & A Kitten!

Actor-comedian Jordan Peele and rapper Method Man stopped by Le Cat Café in Brewerytown (2713 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130) to do press and promo for the upcoming film, … 205 more words

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