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Don't You Dare Quote Matchbox 20

“I like the dark part of the night, after midnight and before four-thirty, when it’s hollow, when ceilings are harder and farther away. Then I can breathe, and can think while others are sleeping, in a way can stop time, can have it so – this has always been my dream – so that while everyone else is frozen, I can work busily about them, doing whatever it is that needs to be done, like the elves who make the shoes while children sleep.”
-David Eggers

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Theory of Relativity and Other News

-The NFL isn’t as all encompassing as they would like us to believe(vine.com)

-Rob Gronkowski is really light on his feet(gq.com)

-RGIII takes being a coach on the field to a whole new level( 27 more words

Other News

Louis C.K. Proves That Funny Guys Finish First With An Epic 'Jeopardy!' Win

Comedian Louis C.K. has transcended the realm of comedy and become a much more influential figure in the world of pop culture. His hit FX show,  225 more words


Celebrities on 'Jeopardy!' were stumped by the easiest question about Cam Newton

For even the most casual of sports fans, knowing “the Carolina Panther who was the first NFL rookie to pass for over 4,000 yards” is an easy enough question. 68 more words


Anderson Cooper And Other Celebrity 'Jeopardy' Contestants Have No Clue Who Cam Newton Is

It may seem impossible in our little province of the Internet, but did you know there are people who don’t pay attention to sports? Like, at all? 230 more words


Louis C.K. Is Going On 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' To Battle Political Pundits

Something truly wonderful is going to happen on Jeopardy! in late May. “Wait a minute,” you’re probably thinking. “Is this an election year? Does that mean…” YES, a special edition of  293 more words