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Did I miss the zombie apocalypse?

Here’s my latest piece at The King’s Tribune

I must have missed that moment when we relinquished our brains. You know, that moment when we scooped out the gelatinous orbs that give us independent thought and popped them into a bin for collection. 122 more words


The Guardian's brilliant map-testing and map-making in Murdoch meltdown

The crisis at NewsCorp has been produced in no small part by brilliant investigative journalism from The Guardian newspaper. Their analysis of Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation demonstrates how a story can be read and tested for its credibility to help reshape public beliefs… 400 more words

Want a job in journalism? Focus on sports

It’s common practice to trash and write-off sports journalists as the “reporters” in the newsroom who are more interested in meeting celebrities than telling stories–I would know; I am a sports journalist who isn’t taken very seriously by my fellow journalists. 656 more words


Refuse the election media spoonfeed and make up your own mind!

I have sympathy for people wanting more substance from the Australian media this federal election. Truly, I do. As I’ve previously explained, some of the political media’s obsession with election frippery is due to them rebelling against being tightly managed during the campaign. 628 more words


A journalist writes

The Guardian newspaper, well-known in many sections of the UK trans community for its willingness to give a platform to some of the vilest anti-trans hate speech in the country, seems to be continuing its tradition with… 401 more words


What Came First: Celebrities, or the Media that Covers Them?

OK. I think I need to fine-tune this idea, this book proposal concept, yet again. (I know, this book proposal is so never getting written.) 270 more words

Special cis lady talks rubbish

Cis woman bigot and celebrity transphobic journalist, Julie Bindel, has finally managed to find a publication willing to post her most recent piece of hate speech. 738 more words