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Celebrity Marketing in the Healthcare Industry has Huge Benefits for Brands

The connection fans feel to celebrities is intensified when they speak about medical causes or products.

Medical issues are generally very personal and intimate. When a celebrity makes a move to promote a medical product or cause, they show their fans a level of trust and openness that fans often look for but do not always get. 467 more words

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Brands Avoid Entanglement with Societal & Political Issues by using Celebrity Marketing

Brands with clear standpoints on political issues open themselves up to losing consumers who disagree.

Celebrity marketing allows brands to appeal to a wide variety of people and remain neutral on societal issues. 470 more words

Celebrity Marketing

How to Reach Multiple Demographics with the Same Campaign through Influencer Marketing

Big brands have led the way in using a wide range of micro-influencers to reach a variety of consumers.

Having a single campaign activated across numerous influencers allows brands to access more than just the typical, narrow target market. 416 more words

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Updates to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat: What Brands Need to Know for Their Celebrity Marketing

Big changes are taking place across the major social channels as they compete to one up each other and rise above the rest.

Brands and marketers need to stay up to date and adapt their campaigns based on updates. 408 more words

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Brands Seize Advantage Using Sports Stars to Reach Youth Market via Celebrity Marketing

Brands grab the attention of children and adolescents by using pro athletes they idolize for endorsements.

Children are encouraged to “dream big,” and for many of them, that big dream is to one day be a professional athlete. 390 more words

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Star Spangled Brands: Partnering with Olympians for Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

As symbols of national pride, Olympians hold special status with citizens, consumers and provide great partnership opportunity for brands.

Since the start of the Olympic Games, Olympic athletes have been seen as the standard of perfection. 424 more words

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What Brands Need to Know about FTC Regulations for Influencer and Celebrity Marketing Campaigns on Instagram

Brands must educate themselves on how to use celebrity marketing in the most effective way that conforms to the rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 492 more words

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