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Identifying Trustworthy Celebrities For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Brands utilize E-Poll Market Research to pinpoint the celebrity who will achieve the desired level of trust connected to their target audience.

Trustworthiness is essential to any successful marketing campaign. 443 more words

Celebrity Marketing

Classic Brands Make a Comeback with Celebrity Marketing

Nothing sells like a celebrity, especially when trying to bring older brands back to the forefront.

Brands leave long lasting impressions and establish strong bonds with consumers. 403 more words

Celebrity Marketing

Embracing Culture with Celebrity Marketing

Brands can stand out with cultural intelligence and promise.

What exactly is cultural intelligence and how does it relate to brands?

Cultural intelligence is the power that brings brands to the forefront of current events. 306 more words

Celebrity Marketing

The Attraction of Celebrity Marketing in Social Media and Video Advertising

Video advertisements are the hottest trend in grabbing consumers’ attention.

Celebrity marketing is powerful. Social media is powerful, and the newest power tool in the mix is video content. 405 more words

Celebrity Marketing

Tailoring Celebrity Marketing to Individual Social Platforms

Social media is not one-size-fits all.

Joining the social media bandwagon just for a presence on social media does not work. A casual Facebook page or basic ad on Instagram is not enough. 348 more words

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Celebrity Marketing as a Form of Entertainment

Creating entertainment through advertisements increases consumers ability to connect with brands.

Brands strive for consumer attention. Simultaneously, consumers want to be entertained.

Consumers are blasted with advertisements day after day. 481 more words

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Celebrity Marketing and Esports Join Forces

To promote brands and foster strong relationships with millennials, esports is the go-to industry to reach millennials.

To keep brands relevant in an age of overstimulated millennials glued to their screens, think gaming. 360 more words

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