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7 Popular Nigerians Whose Names Are Often Misspelt

Human beings tend to murder names they’re not familiar with and my tolerance for it is extremely low, so I discovered the easy way out in Primary 5, and entered Secondary School as “Joy.” 59 more words

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My love of names...

Welcome! I am Julia, and one of my passions in life is to study names. Names leave an impression. Names create a mood. A name is something that can define a career or a legacy. 31 more words

How 12 Rappers Came Up with Their Stage Names

Amethyst Amelia Kelly” just isn’t as catchy as “Iggy Azalea, and Ben Haggerty sounds more like the name of your office IT guy than a guy who would win a Grammy for a song called “Thrift Shop.” So we can understand why rappers—and… 81 more words