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Welcome Back, Veronica Mars!

What would you do if a movie based on your favourite TV show was being made, years after its cancellation? If the answer is anything other than spontaneously combust, there clearly isn’t an excitable fan in you. 72 more words

Digital Discoveries #5


If Shakespeare were in High School Today…


I can’t stop admiring everything in this Etsy shop.


Ever wondered what would happen if six famous female fictional characters lived under one roof?


A web-explorer


Dear Pop Culture References,

You grace the tongues of my favourite characters, often with flawless comedic timing. There is a ting of pleasure from recognition that follows, as my mind makes the jump, from plot holes to hyperbole. 212 more words

Letters Between an Antique and a Future Antique

Dear Antique, a.k.a, Vintage Telephone,

I seem to be exploding to new heights of popularity and sophistication on a daily basis, but there’s always the sense of being… 339 more words

Metaphors And Personification

Digital Discoveries #2


You obviously know that I place letter-writing on a pedestal. So does this site. It has original letters from famous people…..Morrissey, Oscar Wilde, Bob Dylan…..see if your favourites are in the archives. 17 more words

Zooey D.: Past and Present

From: Zooey Deschanel
To: A 19 year-old Zooey Deschanel

Dear Zooey,
You’ll have a long and glorious musical and acting career ahead of you. By glorious, I mean you will have the chance to work with Joseph Gordon Levitt, and well, isn’t that enough? 248 more words