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Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Trial Is Already Making History

Here are some words you’d never think would be strung together, let alone true: “Hulk Hogan’s penis could bring down a media empire.”

Back in 2012, Gawker received an anonymously delivered DVD featuring just over half an hour of footage of Hulk Hogan running wild on his best friend’s wife back in 2006. 610 more words


A New York Jury Has Seen The Sex Tape That Could Cost 50 Cent Millions

In 2009, 50 Cent saw his demise on the horizon. As he prepared for the emergence of rivals like Kanye West, and eventually Rick Ross, Curtis Jackson sent warning shots at his perceived competition that sometimes went beyond the pale. 362 more words


The FBI Is Now Involved With The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape. Yes, Really.

Via http://instagram.com/p/iO2MNIso4l/ Hulk Hogan

The dog, however, is not involved.

When I sat down to write this, I ended up discarding a few wordy introductions. Lots of the dry, “nothing really matters anyway” humor that I lean on too heavily met the cruel fate of the backspace key. 404 more words


Courtney Stodden And The Trouble With 'Celebrity' 'Sex Tapes' (The Adult Film Minute)

THE ADULT FILM MINUTE: Once per month, except for occasionally when it’s more frequent than that, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals will be telling us a little bit about what’s going on in adult entertainment and why it should matter to you. 406 more words

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Vivid Video Adds Courtney Stodden To Its 'Celebrity' Sex Tape Roster

Thank the porn gods for Vivid Video, the company that has almost single-handedly kept the D-list celebrity sex tape economy alive over the past decade. Okay, so Kim Kardashian deserves a lot of credit as well – she’s the one who managed to turn her sex tape into the jump-off point for mega-celebrity, and in that way inspired a generation of talentless dopes to give it a try, too. 256 more words

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Forgotten D-Lister Courtney Stodden Is Reportedly Trying To Sell A Sex Tape

Two years ago, it was only a matter of time before a Courtney Stodden sex tape was being shopped. Now, it’s simply a story that made a few of us here in the Uproxx mansion stop and ask, “Wait, didn’t she already have a sex tape?” That was, of course, after most people asked, “Which one is Courtney Stodden again?” Somehow, though, the woman who rose to tabloid fame by being the voluptuous teen who married an actor almost 40 years older than her refused to resort to the sex tape gimmick, instead believing she could become a celebrity by wearing skimpy bikinis and appearing on a show like… 277 more words

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Live Blogging Randy And Evi Quaid's Sex Tape

There are many reasons not to watch Randy and Evi Quaid’s recently-uploaded sex tape, perhaps the most obvious being that it depicts a 64-year-old man and his 52-year-old wife having sex. 1,713 more words

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