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JetsMedia Drags up Rex Ryan's Carcass

You, being a non-Jets fan, could care less about their former coach’s feelings about what happened there. You care even less about anything involving that overrated team. 32 more words


The Bachelor: Women Tell All

My IQ descends into the plant matter range as I watch this train wreck.


I wonder how many of these chicks he banged before giving them their walking papers? 120 more words


Carmelo to start All-Star Game?

Not bad for a guy who is only playing “for the fans.” Right, Carmelo? What about the Bricks fans paying thousands to see that horrible team play? 56 more words


Jamarcus Manziel

Saw a ProFootballTalk article on the disaster that is Johnny Manziel’s career so far. Apparently Manziel isn’t trying, and he’s a complete party boy. One of his Browns teammates claimed Manziel was a “100% joke” as a rookie: 242 more words


Kenya on Celebrity Apprentice

Conniving. Whiny. Manipulative. Not really sure what she’s doing. And about to get fired. No way Donnie Trump lets Evil Woman stick around.

But hot as all get out. 38 more words


To Cincinnati Bengals Fan

Hi, BengalsFan;

I’m sure you’re watching your team tonight, and you’re too busy watching it to read blog posts. I am concerned about your team tonight. 146 more words


Dumping on the Dumper

Heard someone once again dragged Fran Tarkenton out to make commentary on professional athletes.

Once again, he played the role of bitter old man to a tee. 340 more words