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Ben to marry Lauren B?

You saw “The Bachelor” finale where Ben proposed to Lauren B?

Now did Ben drag his pastor out here to mess this up with no wedding? 11 more words


The Bachelor is Back

I’m watching the Bachelor. I cringe. Then I watch more. It’s like the runaway train headed towards the 18 wheeler stuck on the tracks.

They just brought out 22-year old blonde twins from Las Vegas. 49 more words


Making A Murderer

Photo by Associated Press.

Have you watched it? What do you think?

Here’s my take on it: Steven Avery is probably guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach, but the police wanted to make sure he was guilty. 596 more words


The Lakers are Horrible

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner tonight. Saw the Spurs put one on the Atlanta Hawks, something like 103-78. I also saw The Lakers getting whooped by the Houston Rockets. 137 more words


Stephen A. Smith to Kevin Durant: You Do Not Want to Make An Enemy out of Me (?)

Did you read Awful Announcing’s post discussing Stephen A. Smith’s threat against NBA All-Star Kevin Durant?

Seems that Smith said Durant would make the Los Angeles Lakers a strong contender for his services if the superstar chose to leave Oklahoma City, a comment Durant denied forcefully. 160 more words


Michael Strahan's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Someone told me not only was Michael Strahan a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he actually was elected to it! I refuse to believe it unless proven otherwise. 73 more words


The ESPY's

Are you watching the ESPYs? I, as a dedicated sports fan am NOT. As a matter of fact, ESPN is a big portion of what’s wrong with sports. 72 more words

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