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good job previous administration

it look like president bannon celebrity spokesperson donald the victorious try grab credit for good job of obama adminstration of get team u$a back on feet after disaster created by greedy bastard in 2008. 43 more words


Вашингтонские безумства

today monkey have guest steven colbert who discuss episode of what monkey call Вашингтонские безумства. that = name monkey give russian reality show what emanate from fly infested republicrap poop pile of principality of darkness of president bannon & bannon celebrity spokesperson donald the victorious. 89 more words


Champagne Perry

The biggest celebrity story of the week was probably Katy Perry’s Brit Awards protest. I admit that I know little about this person, except that she makes pop records whose particular merit is that they lend themselves to videos in which she can ostentatiously flaunt her sexy body. 694 more words

Fame for fame's sake

I recently watched a surprisingly good 1950 movie called ‘Three Came Home’, concerning the real-life experiences of an American journalist in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. 926 more words

3 monkey reaction to revealing tweetie

1st reaction of monkey when monkey read tweetie up there from donald the victorious = oh boo hoo. boo hoo hoo. it so unfair. this = example of monkey sarcasticness. 107 more words


laughing = good for body & mind

hahaha & hahaha laugh monkey & monkey feel good inside. why. here why. laughing decrease stress hormone & make juicy endorphin go all through body with natural organic pleasure. 64 more words


minitrue news update on bowling green massacre

goodbye today reader. monkey hope arnold the terminator survive lashing by donald the victorious.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. 113 more words