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Barry Manilow Is Pretending to Be Gay

I received this comment from an angry gay man about this phony celebrity Barry Manilow who is actually a straight man who is pretending to be gay for some lame fame-whoring reason. 573 more words


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BARRY MANILOW AND HUSBAND. barry manilow married Is Barry Manilow pretending to be a homosexual? That he's pretending is the thesis of this reblog. I covered his wedding to a man here. The importance of this story is clear. What kind of degenerate country are we living in when a person must pretend to be a sodomite to win public approval and affection? I note for the record that Barry Manilow is Jewish, if that has anything to do with this alleged conspiracy to appear gay.

It's Not About Just Me

Has anyone else noticed how most worship songs seem to be written in the first person singular? Granted, each person’s varied church experience will influence the types of worship songs they sing, but lately I noticed that almost every worship song I was singing was laced with “I”, “me”, “my”, etc. 324 more words

royal baby come out from royal kate

monkey say hot dog & 100 % big congratulate to royal william & royal kate for make baby girl what not have name yet. monkey like make suggestment of brenda or michelle or lulu. 186 more words


Admire, don’t imitate

Her fuller lips continue to trend higher upwards even after enticing several teens who pouted their way to imitate her and got disfigured beyond repair. Does imitating somebody make one more beautiful? 1,096 more words

Random This And That


If we  all  had to do group therapy for the church as a whole every denomination in the world this would be it.  The syndrome to be celebrated. 636 more words


Christian Celebrity delivers “The Book of Yeezus”

Wow the title of this article is just amazing to me. It represents so many different aspects of how the spirit of antichrist is active in the earth realm. 530 more words


Too Much: Does Anybody Really Give A Sh*t About Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Every mainstream news site I’ve visited in the last few weeks headlines the black woman pictured above, Bobbi Kristina Brown. She’s in a coma.

I get it. 152 more words