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amazing & very tremendous + great & huge visual joke

monkey laugh when view picture of statue what pop up in great city of cleveland & los angeles & ny & san francisco in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave… 100 more words


The illusion of celebrity worship (II). An Editorial.

We’ll be safe and sound, Taylor Nation.

I’ve tackled the prickly subject of celebrity worship before. Sometimes you wish your favourite artists would remain small. Sometimes all this talk about a fandom community irks me the wrong way because I don’t believe we are of one mind, nor that we should be. 623 more words

Taylor Swift

Social Media Detox

I recently went on a little social media detox (which meant no Instagram) for a month, because I felt I was spending way too much time aimlessly scrolling up and down (and quite frankly being nosey). 1,659 more words


[opinion]: Celebrity Worship, Easy Access, and Fame

After seeing the train wreck that was Leslie Jones debacle on Twitter, it seems like a good time to present some thoughts and ideas on the practice of celebrity worship, fame, and the easy access that fans have to the celebrities of today. 1,383 more words


tricky mr donald the trump

today monkey make presentment of 100 % good article monkey read about celebrity businessman mr donald the trump.

Trump’s tricks to disguise ignorance

monkey think article up there reveal horrible + alarming ignorantness of mr donald & voter what fall for rubbish what mr donald spew out. 118 more words


probability of Man watching oscar awards

again Man not watch entertainment industry self stimulation what have name oscar award. monkey ask Man please give probability of Man ever watch oscar show in future. 109 more words


"How To Be Offensive" - by Jennifer Lawrence "Slutty Power Lesbian"

America’s “Sweetheart” is at it again. Granted, the woman is generally harmless. She is attractive, may be a decent actress, although I don’t know because I’ve never been inclined to see her in anything, and seems like a decent person. 693 more words

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