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hypothetical question about joel osteen + picture + quotation from bible book and lenny bruce

today monkey take reader on little trip. where. here where. 3960 del monte drive in great city of houston in great state of texas.

maybe reader wonder what there at 3960 del monte drive. 387 more words


Stardom and it's Delusion

What’s in Name ? What’s in Fame ?

Just trying to figure things out on this sphere people call earth. The famous, the infamous and why we care way too much about them. 851 more words


A peek at our Celebrity Worship

For a nation with innumerable obsessions, doting over celebrities and their lives is nothing startling. But the extent to which fandom has driven people in our country is a largely depressing grim picture. 446 more words

covfefe mystery solution & t-shirt

today monkey perform free public service & complete famous covfefe fragment what issue forth from brain material of donald the victorious. in case reader in induced coma for last day here what monkey refer to. 196 more words


Trumpster outrage of the day: D-List comedian poses with ‘beheaded’ likeness of the POTUS

The Trump supporters are in a fit of rage today after comedian/left-wing provocateur Kathy Griffin poses with what appears to be the bloody, decapitated head of the president. 97 more words

National News

witch hunt

monkey not stupid gullible creature & greet with skepticalness statement of donald the victorious.

first blast from past.

now blast from present.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader see where donald the victorious going when he say “but i can only speak for myself.” that mean someone else going under the bus pretty soon. 58 more words


monkey beg please stop all the winning

yes please please mr donald the victorious. it too much winning so please stop already before simple brain of monkey expand with so much pride that head explode. 49 more words