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Fame for fame's sake

I recently watched a surprisingly good 1950 movie called ‘Three Came Home’, concerning the real-life experiences of an American journalist in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. 926 more words

3 monkey reaction to revealing tweetie

1st reaction of monkey when monkey read tweetie up there from donald the victorious = oh boo hoo. boo hoo hoo. it so unfair. this = example of monkey sarcasticness. 107 more words


laughing = good for body & mind

hahaha & hahaha laugh monkey & monkey feel good inside. why. here why. laughing decrease stress hormone & make juicy endorphin go all through body with natural organic pleasure. 64 more words


minitrue news update on bowling green massacre

goodbye today reader. monkey hope arnold the terminator survive lashing by donald the victorious.

if reader see ad come next down there next it not from monkey. 113 more words


message from minitrue

monkey have part time hobby of point out emperor have no clothes. maybe now this become unsafe in principality of darkness what taking shape in republicrap team u$a. 70 more words


Essay: On Social Media, Celebrity Worship, and Gossip Society

…dey’s parched up from not knowin’ things. Dem meatskins is got tuh rattle tuh make out they’s alive. Let ’em consolate theyselves wid talk. 770 more words


new ministry of truth

here today monkey help journalist & blogger with list of useful verb when journalist write about how donald the victorious or sean spicer the haughty or kellyanne conway the spinneret and all other republicrap wind instrument & surrogate & spokespeople &  propagandist open mouth for react to free press and for fudge & blur truth & fact what they fear & hate. 119 more words