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A Follow Up on Carlebach and The Abuse He Committed

Two years ago, following a “Carlebach Shabbos” at my former shul, I wrote an article in which I described the conflict I felt hearing Carlebach being praised for his selflessness and kindness, while simultaneously aware of allegations that he had molested women. 2,606 more words

of course

oh oh. monkey look at headline here & wonder who have such great dumbness to expect anything different. it just next step in long line of next step. 52 more words


good luck this time charlie brown

today monkey make little prediction for all poor & blue collar & older mans & ladies who wet self in excitement about champion of common people who soon = mr potus # 45. 193 more words


Rowing Down The Stream Of Consciousness

Monday, April 18th, 2016. 5:14 AM. I wonder how many people are up writing right now? Are they writing fiction? Perhaps something for work? We’re out here. 1,117 more words


The guilty pleasures of celebrity worship

The twenty first century. What a great era in time to to be alive i think, would you not? Intelligence has soared drastically allowing everything to be available under our fingertips, with just a click of a button. 572 more words

"Puttin' On The Ritz"

Gene Wilder, a childhood favorite of mine, died recently. Social media was inundated with condolences and various memories shared by fans of Mr. Wilder. I also couldn’t help but notice that there were a great many articles and posts which  said things like, “Now, you can go be with Gilda.” Gilda Radner, a brilliant comedienne in her own right, had been married to Gene “back in the day.” For fans, theirs was the romance so many only dream of. 580 more words


Gene Wilder: Not all Our Idols go to Heaven.

Another talented and lionized “celebrity” has passed, whether on to glory or not, I don’t know. Only the Most High God knows about Gene Wilder’s spiritual condition when he died. 406 more words