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…dey’s parched up from not knowin’ things. Dem meatskins is got tuh rattle tuh make out they’s alive. Let ’em consolate theyselves wid talk. 755 more words

The People

new ministry of truth

here today monkey help journalist & blogger with list of useful verb when journalist write about how donald the victorious or sean spicer the haughty or kellyanne conway the spinneret and all other republicrap wind instrument & surrogate & spokespeople &  propagandist open mouth for react to free press and for fudge & blur truth & fact what they fear & hate. 119 more words


to watch or not to watch

that a good question & monkey ask Man if he watch huge ascension of donald the victorious to throne of new billionaire buddy club principality. Man make… 163 more words


prediction from year of 1920

today electoral college elite meet & make official the enthronement of triumphant donald the victorious & seal fate of team u$a for 4 year at least. 109 more words


MC Trump: President-elect meets with hip-hop rabble rouser Kanye West

Really, Mr. Trump!? Kanye West was at Trump Tower on Tuesday to meet with the President-elect. The man who, earlier in his career, used a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser to insult the sitting president, saying… 793 more words

National News

bully pulpit

today monkey think bully pulpit mean something of differentness from when mr potus # 26 theodore roosevellt say it. in past when mr rosevelt say it… 97 more words


year # 6 on wordpress dot com start today

today monkey get little notification thing from wordpress dot com. what notification. this notiification. today = 6 year anniversary of monkey sign up on wordpress dot com. 126 more words