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Product Review: Dr Lipps

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for ages, and I’m so pleased I’ve finally got round to it. Dr Lipps is my favourite beauty product, let me explain why… 302 more words


August 2

Happy Birthday RIP Jacob “Jack” Warner(1892–1978) Myrna “Loy” Williams(1905–1993) Beatrice Straight(1914–2001) John Carroll O’Connor(1924–2001) Peter O’Toole(1932–2013) ; Wesley Craven–76 Joanna Cassidy(Caskey)–70 Patrick Lilley(“Butch Patrick”)–62 Patricia Apollonia Kotero–56 Mary-Louise Parker–51 Samuel Worthington–39 Edward Furlong–38 ; 1790 – The first United States Census is conducted ; 1870 – Tower Subway, the world’s first underground tube railway, opens in London, England, United Kingdom.


Fabulous Humans: Harry Styles

If you’ve taken a peek at the “Who’s Writing” page (and if you haven’t, it’s located in the sidebar!) you will have seen that I thoroughly appreciate two things: people who take action on their dreams, and One Direction. 801 more words


Trump trumps the pack of GOP candidates: Why?

Why is Donald Trump incredibly popular as a presidential candidate, other than his status as a TV celebrity? One answer: He doesn’t use politicianspeak or CEO-speak (which is ironic because he is a CEO). 676 more words