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U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert NOT attacked PERIOD HOAX HOAX HOAX´╗┐

NO he was not attacked. If you know anything about Fake blood please do your own work. The forehead gives the game away and the COLOR. 37 more words


Smart Bidet.

Your ass is now clean. Next bowel movement @ 0800 hrs.
Hard stool indicates you must hydrate.
Viral infection detected.
Parasite detected.
Low Ph level… 36 more words


EXCLUSIVE Dr. Phil flies to Atlanta to stage intervention for Bobbi Kristina's devastated boyfriend

after he tweeted ‘I’m so hurt I wanna do myself in’

Eminent psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, known to TV audiences as Dr. Phil, is on his way… 31 more words


Bartender wife

Guys in really jealous of my bartender wife. She always has a bunch of dudes trying to fornicate with her. Do you think she gives in to her emotions??? 33 more words


My God Is Zarathustra Behold His Holy Book

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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from GiveMeGossip – New Threads… 21 more words


Has anyone noticed Internet issues since ruling?

My internet has been up and down, slow, and laggy since the FCC announced net neutrality Ruling. Streaming sites such as youtube, hulu, and Netflix always… 33 more words


Experimental Poke o

New gay site


gay holiday gay text gay chat sites gay chinese gay help

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