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Paper Says 'Celebrities Aren't Experts,' We Say 'Thanks for the Revelation'

It’s a surprising and disappointing lapse in journalistic standards – if those aren’t completely extinct – by an historic institution in news. The Telegraph out of the UK is one of our favorite competitors in the news business too, with a solid tradition of hard hitting and honest coverage of events. 46 more words


What Have You Done for Satanism Lately?

I keep hearing this absurd Rhetorical question uttered across the Internet.  It’s stratifying you know, you can peg a poser from a mile away.  These flag-waivers haven’t the slightest idea how to manifest their “Reality” so they go on to point the finger at others in the most classic case of psychological projection I can fathom. 796 more words

Sin Jones

Shocking Lindsay Lohan magazine interview was "fabricated"


Furious reps for Lindsay Lohan have accused a magazine of “fabricating” an interview with the train wreck starlet.

Lohan is pictured on the cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Kode magazine, in which she is quoted as saying she is in a relationship with a married dad. 311 more words


Kelly Osbourne to Paris Hilton: "Grow up!"

Pot and kettle alert! Kelly Osbourne has told socialite Paris Hilton that she needs to grow up.

Kelly, the 29-year-old daughter of rock star, Ozzy Osbourne took to Twitter to blast Paris, urging her to “please grow up.” 141 more words


Ignoring The Injury

I used to wonder why people run to the scene of a car accident, or why many Google trends have to do with the latest celebrity photo scandal. 459 more words