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Blizzard Throws in a Sparkle Pony as a WoW Magazine Parting Gift

As mentioned a while back, The Official World of Warcraft Magazine shut down after five issues.

As part of the settlement for those of us who still had a subscription, Future US, the publisher, and Blizzard offered a buyout option that included all of the current WoW companion pets and a 2 year subscription to PC Gamer. 369 more words


Stomping the Furnace

We saw our new nephew last night. He is healthy and bright red, as newborns are. 

So not much play last night. But my wife and I did run Blood Furnace and did well in there. 26 more words

Son on a ghostly Pegasus

Aprillian sent the code yesterday, and my son now has a Celestial Steed. 

He really likes it. He says it’s like a ghostly Pegasus, which pretty much nails it. 164 more words


I won one of two Celestial Steeds in Ctrl-Alt-WoW’s anniversary contest!

As I said in my entry, I will give it to my son and wife’s account. 97 more words

An Ignorant Opinion on Greed

I understand why many AAA MMO developers need to make more money. We’ve been paying $14.99 or about that since Ultima Online and the development cost of video games has gone up drastically since then, especially top tier MMOs. 448 more words


The Celestial Steed – where’s the narrative in that?

Was this a move in the wrong direction for Blizzard?

The purchaseable mount from the Blizzard store, has surely inspired some discussion amongst the players. Some reaching apocalyptic hights, others just applauding the mind behind this, whom during 24 hours earned Blizzard several million dollars. 719 more words

World Of Warcraft

Celestial Dreams

Dreams do come true, in World of Warcraft, thanks to the recent addition of the Celestial Steed flying mount.  Celestial Steed? A new flying mount? 192 more words