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Final Major Project Portfolio

Welcome to unit 13: the Final Major project otherwise known as the Extended Project. 230 more words


FMP - Final Major Project - Unit 8

Here are the Proposal Form, the Extended Project Document and guiding PowerPoint for you to look through and begin to complete, plus the brief for unit 8 (the FMP) 160 more words


Unit 12 - useful terminology and marking scheme

Here is a useful guide to a) the language that you need to be using and how to use it and b) how to achieve top grades. 50 more words


Personality photomontage

During this week’s session we will look at creating a visual representation of your persona. After creating a mind map of words that you associate with your personality, you will create a bespoke collage in Photoshop using images to communicate key aspects of your personality.. 24 more words


Unit 8 - Final Major Project

These are the PowerPoints that we will be working from over the next few weeks to formulate the foundations of your final extended project.  Alma and I will deliver each PP, but for students that are moving ahead at your own pace please feel free to continue working through the PP as you go. 42 more words


Week 3 unit 12

This is the unit 12 brief broken down. Please read through and make sure you answer all the prompts/questions

For example: once you have researched three industry examples… 177 more words


Unit 12 week 1: Questions that lead to answers and more questions!


For the first part of this unit I simply want you to think about the questions you would like to ask: what question will allow you to explore your chosen area of media? 91 more words