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101 - Cobblestones Mandala

Here’s another delightful coloring by my dear friend Celia of one of my mandala designs entitled Cobblestones. I really appreciate her bold use of colors and her addition of new elements to the design. 147 more words


Throwback Thursday: Director of UX for Epic Games, Celia Hodent

This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to our guest, Celia Hodent, the Director of User Experience for Epic Games and her love for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 707 more words


My Time of Shakespeare: As You Like It

This play has left me with more questions than pleasant emotions or kindly insights. Yes, one must credit Shakespeare with an entertaining “romantic comedy” but also chide him, just a bit, for leaving much to the audience member’s disquiet. 822 more words

William Shakespeare

Communication is Hard!

I’ve been rather miserable.  My conversation with Treun the other day was something that broke my heart.  Thinking that he didn’t want to marry me brought up all kinds of nasty realizations about myself.  940 more words

As Life Continues - My Story Now

Welcome to...Jurassic Park! A look at de-extinction

Michael Crichton captured one of our most essential characteristics in his science-fiction novel Jurassic Park; humans are inanely curious. Since the discovery of Wooly Mammoths frozen in ice and bones fossilized into the rocks, we have wondered if it was possible to bring a species back from extinction. 1,243 more words

The Night Circus

by Erin Morgenstern

Reviewed by Emily

“The circus arrives without warning”, and with that the reader is transported into a magical world where anything you dream is possible. 120 more words