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The Night Circus

A unique and mysterious circus experience, The Night Circus is full of fantasy. The book is teaming with magical descriptions by author Erin Morgenstern. Isn’t the… 267 more words


Celia Costume

Want a fun costume that doesn’t make you look like a circus tent or a hooker?

Kids loved this Celia costume, and wanted to touch the snakes on my head. 316 more words


The Lovers 6.6

I hate the cold, I thought, shivering beneath my tattered cloak, as I visited the bloodied battlefield, snow colored red and black.

Amongst the dozens of corpses littering on the ground, those of Dakshina and Ananke were the most disturbing ones. 3,330 more words


Thirsty Nomad Celia

Thirsty Nomad Brewing Co., Charlotte, NC


The Big Blue; Postlude


Celia sat on a parcel of driftwood resting on the shore. Her feet were half-buried in the wet sand, the tide washing over and back out again, only to repeat its endless cycle. 380 more words


The Big Blue; Part Seven

A Heart of Fire; A Fire of Passion; A Certainty

The downpour poured and day was no more- night as perpetual as the rain. Lightning lit up the clouded skies as it cracked, and thunder boomed shaking every bone in her body, her heart skipping a beat each time. 2,131 more words


The Big Blue; Part Six

The Darkest of Hours; The Brightest of Lights

Lost to the darkness, time passed. Time as indeterminable as the days and nights obscured from sight. Hours, days, weeks, Celia had no clue. 1,006 more words