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The Walk Week 4: CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORDS: Crafting, word choice, strong active verbs, precise nouns and showing.

This week we looked how to choose the right words to make you writing more vivid and active:

Here are the PowerPoint to accompany the hand-outs from Newswriting by Ann McKane Chapter 10… 220 more words


Chapter 9

It is oft spoken of fruits forbidden,
that they be sweetest of them all,
yet love that’s worth lay forsaken,
be a bitter thing bound for our fall, 6,458 more words


Unit 11

During this Unit, I will be working with you to address the requirements of Learning Outcome 3.  Gregg will deliver sessions to meet the needs of the other outcomes 1 and 2. 177 more words

Year 2

Chapter 8

Laeune the moon,
daughter of night,
glorious barer,
of tranquil light,

she soothes us all,
that we might dream,
and takes harsh color,
from all we’ve seen, 6,920 more words