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I’ve been tired for about a month.  Exhausted tired.  The kind where you could fall asleep anywhere, anytime and if you just closed your eyes, you’d be out.  214 more words

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Celiac Disease Problems You Want to Avoid - Celiac.com

May was Celiac Awareness month, as many of you know. However, for those of living a gluten free life, every day is in fact celiac awareness.  71 more words


Cealiac Awareness - Gluten Free, NOT Flavor Free: Main Dish Recipes

Just because it is gluten-free, doesn’t mean that  it is tasteless or weird. Gluten-Free Living magazine has featured main dish recipes from wonderful gluten-free bloggers.  Take a look: … 15 more words

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Celiac Disease Symptoms Checklist | NFCA

Following yesterday’s article on Celiac symptoms, here is a Symptoms Checklist from NFCA.  If you, or your family members have any of these symptoms, don’t leave it – get tested. 47 more words

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Celiac Disease Symptoms Can be Elusive | NFCA

This is the final week of Celiac Awareness Month. What symptoms do you have with celiac disease / gluten intolerance? Perhaps you didn’t have any obvious symptoms before being diagnosed? 13 more words


Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease

Do you follow an organic diet? Do you eat only foods that are unprocessed; or do you shop for the most convenient, time-saving and packaged meals? 137 more words

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