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Celiac Disease Foundation Expo: 2017

Hello loves!

I recently attended and volunteered at the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo in Pasadena, California. Let me just say, it was AWESOME! I was given a swag bag filled to the brim with gluten free goodies. 138 more words


Überlingen and the Monkeys

When I moved to the Bodensee area, the last thing I expected was that there would be a place called ‘Affenberg’, or Monkey Mountain. Not only is this a real thing, but it is set in a very pretty location and is well worth a visit. 715 more words


Around My Gluten-Free Table - Review

Unfortunately, most of the restaurants and fast food chains in York Region don’t make gluten-free eating a priority. While there may be gluten-free options listed, don’t be fooled: the servers don’t understand what it means, the chefs don’t have enough space to prepare food safely and every meal -whether gluten-filled or non- gets baked in the same oven at close proximity. 363 more words


How to Read Food Labels for Celiac Disease

Hello Friends!

I thought this would be an important post to make because I have been unintentionally glutened twice in the past month, which is not good at all! 459 more words

Gluten Free

Gluten free travel - GO!

Most celiac’s have anxiety when traveling. The thought of having to find a place to eat that is safe, is overwhelming. In fact, it often distracts from the joy that the adventure can bring. 198 more words

Review of gluten free at Chik Fil A

The minute I heard that Chik Fil A was going to start carrying gluten free buns, I was probably the most excited celiac ever. But first I had to check the facts…Was this actually safe for me? 687 more words

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Constance's many gluten-free options

Despite Constance being a city of 80,000, there are quite a few options for celiacs here. I hadn’t really thought of it until I went to make the map for this, but I have been able to try a lot of different places out in the last two years. 1,006 more words