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With Dante in Vegas

I know my idea of hell: eternity in Las Vegas. Heck, even a weekend.

Now, I am aware that many people love Vegas, and I’m not here to quarrel with them: De gustibus non est disputandum, as they say. 727 more words

Song of the Week

This week’s song of the week reminds us to be open to seeing the beauty in others, especially those who are so different from us. http://inspiritual.biz/inspiritual-song-of-the-week1/

Does Popular = Good? On awards and Twitter reactions

About five years ago during my BA at the University of Auckland I took a second year English module called “Writing and Culture”, which ostensibly was to teach us how to write academically and become critical thinkers. 1,143 more words

General Blogging

My Heart Will Go On... In Belfast

After a long day of travel headaches yesterday, I made it safely to Belfast, in Northern Ireland. I had booked my train ticket online earlier in the week, and when I got to the station, all of the online kiosks were down. 1,121 more words

Hitting The Rails

Cold Canada Warms My Heart

Fist Brown, the ingrown hair in America’s right ass lip, was told by Canadian authorities yesterday to take his ass back home when he tried to get in. 135 more words

I Want You To Need Me by Celine Dion

I want to be the face you see when you close your eyes

I want to be the touch you need every single night
I want to be your fantasy… 189 more words


Eurovision Rewind: 1988

Ah, 1988. The year I was born and when I totally oblivious to the joys of Eurovision. This week we take a look at the competition that propelled Celine Dion towards international success. 47 more words