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Radiation Risks

After years of secrecy, cellphone radiation risks are finally being revealed

 In 2015, New York Times writer Nick Bilton wrote an article entitled “The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech,” warning the public that devices like smartphones and Apple Watches emit a low-level radiation which has been linked to cancer, brain tumors and other problems when worn close to the body for extended periods. 549 more words

Cell Phone Safety

Cellphone Insecurity

Apple takes great pains to secure its phones against intrusion.  So in theory does Google.  It turns out, that might not be such a big deal. 303 more words

Public Policy

Cellphone Insecurity

For many people in the US, the cell phone number is almost as permanent as their Social Security Number (SSN).  Consumers find changing their number to be a super hassle.  135 more words

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