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Make That Money: Jeezy Invests In Cell Phone & Earbuds Company

The rapper who has invested in other companies sets his eyes on Silicon Valley.

Back when Young Jeezy was rapping “Thug Motivation 101” I didn’t think he would ever take his hustle to the tech industry. 196 more words

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Save Money on Your Phone Bill

The Secret to the Cheapest Mobile Service Provider

Okay, so I know that you probably get bombarded by all sorts of mobile service providers saying that they are the best offer out there. 1,119 more words


صرف 13 منٹ میں موبائل فون چارج

سمارٹ فونز کا استعمال اب لگتا ہے کہ ہر ایک ہی کرتا ہے مگر اس کی بیٹری کو بار بار گھنٹوں تک چارج کرنا کسی کو پسند نہیں آتا، مگر اب آپ اپنے موبائل کو چند منٹوں میں مکمل چارج کر سکیں گے۔ کیونکہ 120 واٹ فاسٹ چارجنگ ٹیکنالوجی متعارف ہونیوالی ہے۔ چینی کمپنی نے اعلان کیا ہے کہ وہ شنگھائی میں شیڈول موبائل ورلڈ کانگریس میں یہ تیز ترین چارجنگ ٹیکنالوجی متعارف کرائے گی۔ جس سے 4000 ایم اے ایچ بیٹری کو محض 13 منٹ میں مکمل چارج کرنا ممکن ہو گا جبکہ 5 منٹ میں 50 فیصد چارج ہو سکے گی۔

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A Text or Two a Day

For us middle aged folk, we might be able to learn something from the younger crowd  with respect to technology and relationships.

Regardless of your age, how often do you communicate with your spouse during the day?  223 more words

We're now growing little skull horns because of our phones, research finds

It sounds like a crazy tabloid headline—humans are growing little horns in the back of their skulls.

Except it comes not from a tabloid but a peer-reviewed study in  325 more words


Young Adults Are Growing Horns Due to Excessive Cellphone Use!!

Millennials are notoriously known for a booming cellular phone era! These days any where you go, you’re just about sure to find people face down, zoned into their cell phone. 523 more words