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Kids and Smartphones

We really don’t know what the long-term effects of “mobile technology” will be on our current school-age and under school-age generations in America (and the world?). 198 more words


Nerdy Bird Tweets - Perfect Picture Book Friday

I have to tell you, the minute I saw the cover of this book, I was smitten.

And then the first spread captured what was left of my heart: 369 more words

Book Review

If YOU leave a camera or cell phone unattended-

  1. ….and there is an almost nine year old in the vicinity.   Be AWARE.

Happy Ninth Birthday Maura Clare.

October weekend in North Carolina, went to pick up pizza….uh-oh  Found an unauthorized selfie on my goid camera,  shot in the hotel mirror. 63 more words


Talking With Walking

Those behind the wheel may not be the only ones at risk of a cell phone-related auto accident. So suggests a study published in January in the journal Pediatrics that shows that children are More distracted while crossing the street if they happen to be talking on a cell phone.when you drive do not use phone. 34 more words

False Memories and Mandela Effects

When people hear about Mandela Effects, in which groups of individuals report remembering events differently from recorded historical records, some suggest as a possible explanation that Mandela Effect reporters are possibly experiencing false memories. 1,284 more words


AT&T asks customers affected by outage to restart their phones

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – AT&T responded with a fix after thousands of customers across the country reported outages, according to the website DownDetector, but reports of service failures continued as of 8:30 p.m. 153 more words