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That Time I Urinated on Myself at an HR Conference

For years, I resisted getting a cell phone. Until peer pressure eventually caught up to me. So by the time nearly everyone else on the planet was sending emojis, GIFs, and dick pics on fancy devices, I finally got a flip phone. 640 more words


Is A College Graduate Really Worth The Money

People so often whine about their job. When they lose their job, they realize their mistake! When you lose your job, you need to act quickly. 856 more words

Staffing Solutions

辯論練習: 中學校園內禁止使用智慧型手機對學生發展利大於弊/弊大於利 (Smart phone use in school)

For parents who want their children with more advanced Chinese proficiency (say,  Chinese AP score 4-5 or HSK level > 4) to try out learning Chinese partly by using the debate format, I shall attempt to provide differentiated read-aloud material based on this debate contest on 7/31/18 in Hong Kong between 正方: 台北市立中山女子高級中學 and 反方: 北京清華附中國際學校.  356 more words

中文進度 Chinese Proficiency Progress

Engineering Pie Build for the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra!

So it’s been a rough start for me, stepping into the modern world with a modern phone that has a/b partitioning and was Android 8.0+. I’ve built dozens of roms for dozens of phones, some that were even unsupported, and to God be the glory, I was moderately successful, but these modern phones have been a different story. 171 more words


5 Port USB Charging Station

Charging every piece of electronic device can be a real challenge in my home. Cables are everywhere and everyone is charging things in every room of the house. 246 more words

Product & Service Reviews

Welcome to my Did You Know Series Episode 5. Here I would share informative information I would have come across while reading.
For example for Do You Know What Effects Using Your Cellphone Right Before Bed Can Have On Your Sleep? 131 more words