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When our prospects roll their eyes. 🙄

When our prospects roll their eyes.

Some body language signals are easy to interpret. In this case, our prospects might be signaling to us:

  1. “Oh no.
  2. 264 more words

Probably the best phone in the world

we already seen the best mobile phone the world will ever have?

In short, the
answer to that question is no. They will continue to get better each year they… 941 more words

Chesapeake police search for suspect in T-Mobile robbery

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Chesapeake Police Officers responded to a call informing them of a robbery that had just occurred at the T-Mobile in the 1000 block of N. 79 more words


Cell Phone Cleanse

This past week I had a wake up call with regards to my cell phone usage. First my 14 month old daughter banged her head while I was responding to an “urgent” text (when you’re a parent, the only really urgent things are your child’s safety and well-being, but sometimes I try to do too many things at once—as per this post, I’m working on it!) 553 more words

How to engage prospects.

How to engage prospects.

Instead of pitching and selling our benefits, why not engage our prospects with better questions? When prospects think about what we have to offer, we win. 208 more words


Oliver Sacks' Ambivalence on Living in the Digital Age

There isn’t anything I enjoy more in a stress-laden world than a time-out for a good read. Books lend me a purview of how others experience life, lending sagacity and connection with my fellows. 918 more words


And then the rejection began …

And then the rejection began …

What is the worst fear of new distributors? Failure.

No one wants to fail. Then they have to go back to their friends and family and listen to them say, “I told you so. 372 more words