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Upgrade your Market with Wholesale Cell Phones

On the off chance that you have been in the matter of selling cellular phones, you may have experienced a major drop in deals. Any businessman could encounter this. 301 more words

Cell Phones

Text Relationship

This poem was actually published in my local literary journal. It concerns my thoughts while I was in a long-distance relationship. Gal, those suck. 

You are the sound of Bossa. 114 more words


Do Not Buy New Goods! Buy Cheap Second-Hand Items Online

Our demands can never end and so is the innovation and availability of new products in the markets. Be it our dressing needs or gadget want, the list is never ending. 405 more words

Old Stuff


Do you ever get overwhelmed when you have a million notifications on your phone or any other device? I do. I know, I know, the simple thing to do would be to either turn them off or to keep my phone at home. 345 more words

How to Avoid Getting Cancer From Your Cell Phone

It sounds like a tech-hating conspiracy; however, the longer cell phones have been around, the more data coming in. In May 2011, 30 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to assess the carcinogenicity of the radiation emitted from cell phones, and concluded that, given the limited amount of available evidence, cell phones are a possible human carcinogen. 747 more words


Being a jerk with two phones

I am now a jerk with two phones. My general disposition has not changed and I don’t behave differently towards people now that this has happened. 423 more words

Notes From A Polite New Yorker

Explaining Googles 'Fused Video Stabilization' hardware & solution solution in the Pixel 2

This very cool article explains the Google Fused Video Stabilization hardware & software techniques applied to your video on the fly. This is all being done WITHOUT the Visual Core chip enabled either.