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A Blast from the Past

I’ll bet that no one under 30 knows what this is.

It’s a phone jack for a land-line telephone.

As you might guess, it’s in a home that was built in the ’70’s. 130 more words

Addendum to "Building Your Social Media Audience? Keep Your Safety in Mind" Scam Article

This article from the Huffington Post is an interesting read if you want more info about how romance scams on social media work and hear from actual victims of romance scammers, and the victims whose faces and identities are used to perpetrate these multi-million dollar crimes. 20 more words


The Impact of Our Communications

I saw this sign in a Tokyo subway station. I could totally relate to the message. It is customary for people to not talk on their cell phones in public, but texting and looking at their phones while walking and standing is still a problem. 479 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

Discomfort Practice

The more we attempt to regulate our environment to suit our preferences, the less resilient we become in managing fluctuations when they occur. This week: practice weathering (and perhaps eventually embracing) small discomforts by doing such things as: 237 more words


5 Best Ways To Stay In Touch

Keeping in contact with people can be a difficult thing to do, as we get older we move away from our family and friends and enter new social circles. 793 more words

The Tech Geek

Oneplus 5 Hands-on Review

Get phones that don’t completely work and speak to support that don’t completely have technical skills that also don’t completely believe your issues and offers next to no troubleshooting steps. 738 more words

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