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How the heck did I ever survive till now without my cell phone?

I work with a guy who’s about five years younger than me and has never owned a cell phone. I asked him one time, what would you do if your car ever broke down? 530 more words

11-27-15 Cricket Wireless with Lunchbox Ben!

Black Friday today and Cricket Wireless had tons of deals! Lunchbox Ben and the KMLE Krew had some awesome giveaways too! We had some Joe Nichols Tickets and a grand Prize! 9 more words


Family Connections

Often times, we have relatives that we don’t often see. Maybe Granny we only see at Easter and only visit Aunt Ruby for Christmas. But family is important, so lets strengthen those family connections. 83 more words

Cell Phones

Using a hand-held cell phone while driving could soon be illegal in Cleveland

CLEVELAND– Proposed legislation to make hand-held cell phone devices illegal while driving within Cleveland city limits is one step closer to becoming law.

Councilman Zack Reed, who drafted the proposal, said the legislation will soon be moving out of the safety committee and to finance. 103 more words


Text neck: The growing epidemic among teens and even younger

It has become a growing health concern all because of how much we rely on smartphones and tablets.

Local doctors say so-called ‘text neck’ is a real thing, doing irreparable damage to our spines. 36 more words