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Thank you for no smart phones at the table this Thanksgiving

My art instructor posted an interesting photograph on her Facebook page the other day. It showed half a dozen teenagers sitting on a bench in front of a famous masterpiece at an art gallery. 374 more words

Pa. bill would allow early cell phone termination for domestic violence victims

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Many domestic abuse victims share cell phone contracts with their abusers. State Representative Kevin Schreiber is sponsoring a bill in hopes of preventing domestic violence abusers from using one against their victims. 555 more words


Blue Light Special: Your Phone Light is Bad for Your Health

CHICAGo –It’s a fact of life: Some of the things that bring you joy can wind up being bad for you. and no, we’re not talking about Blue Bell. 221 more words


New Verizon Cellphone Policy Raises Cellphone Privacy Concerns

Do you have cell phone service through Verizon? If so, you might want to take a look at your privacy settings.

Verizon’s new “Relevant Mobile Advertising Program” will collect more personal information about your web and cellphone usage and will sell that information to interested advertisers. 75 more words

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Verizon's unlimited data plans will now cost an extra $20

Customers still eligible for Verizon’s unlimited data plan will now have to pay $59.99 a month per line, according to The Verge.

Only a fraction of a percentage of the telecom giant’s customer base is grandfathered in for unlimited data, but for those who remain, the new $20 price increase is significant. 184 more words


'Extreme Phone Pinching' Is a New Internet Craze That Will Make You Super Anxious

Over the years, we’ve seen many Internet crazes come and go. From planking to Tebowing to extreme selfies, the people on the World Wide Web have shown us that they’re capable of making pretty much anything into a fad. 162 more words

15 Million T-Mobile Records Hacked

Credit reporting agency Experian said Thursday that hackers accessed the Social Security numbers, birthdates and other personal information belonging to about 15 million people who applied for T-Mobile wireless services. 46 more words

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