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Warning: Potential Distraction!

By Kayla Steinberg

As cell phones become more ubiquitous in American culture, ASP students are struggling to adjust to the program’s cell phone-free environment. As of Monday’s Chapel service, the ASP cell phone policy bans all cell phones on campus with the exception of the dorms, the library, and the AFC. 626 more words

It's A Suggestion Not A Review: Starting Over

Dave Sikula would never fall asleep at your show.

I’ll be honest with you. I just abandoned another post when I realized, 500+ words in, that it just wasn’t working. 1,310 more words

Dave Sikula

Quick Burger @ The Burger Joint

Driving along the main street; flashing fast foodie restaurant names all seem to appear alike (subs, chicken, tacos).  Hmmm…we decide on our old favorite hamburger joint, regretting this later. 425 more words



how irritating, annoyed, absolutely pissed off

that in addition to ruining our marriage

memories of our weekend here just after our wedding

seep into my time with dear friends. 61 more words


“I’m so sick of Miley and One Direction. Music has gone to shit”

Where in god’s name did this attitude come from? This superiority complex that usually accompanies a record player with the ‘ 334 more words


Secret US Court Allows Resumption of Bulk Phone Metadata Spying

A secret US tribunal ruled late Monday that the National Security Agency is free to continue its bulk telephone metadata surveillance program—the same spying that Congress voted to terminate weeks ago. 6 more words

Offline Security

#TBT: 7 Old School Cell Phones You Once Lusted After

Before Apple became the way of the world, there were actually other cell phones that existed. As middle schoolers and high schoolers, having a pink Razr was a status symbol, and you were pretty much the coolest kid at the lunch table. 85 more words