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Can you hear me now?

I have been without a phone for nearly a week. My children are concerned. My friends are annoyed. And I feel like I fell off the grid. 236 more words

Reclaiming my mind by disconnecting from social media

Alright, so the title may be a little hyperbolic—I am writing this on a blog, after all. But it’s not as hyperbolic as you may assume. 1,433 more words


What is it doing to us?

I am listening to the Nerdist podcast with Paula Poundstone, yes, I know I am behind in my listening by about a month. It wasn’t a hugely fascinating podcast for most of it. 738 more words


Problems of an Overworked Librarian #25

When you are trying to teach a patron how to do something and they rather look at or talk on their phone…


Are You Up To Date With The Latest Tech Trends?

Something that many modern men like to be sure of is that they are as up to date as possible with all of the latest trends. 477 more words

The Tech Geek

An Easy to Use Cell Phone for Seniors

Technology in telecommunication is advancing at an incredible pace. Flip-up cell phones are a thing of the past, and even smart phones from two years ago are considered old models. 338 more words

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