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Reading On A Screen Before Bed Might Be Killing You

You’ve heard that using screens before bedtime can mess with your sleep, but new research suggests the problem is even more serious.

Reading from an iPad before bed not only makes it harder to fall asleep, but also impacts how sleepy and alert you are the next day, according to new research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. 527 more words


Junk food for your psyche

If you are committed to living a healthy life, don’t overlook your cell phone habits. Beyond the direct effects on your health, which I have written about previously, there are also the effects on your psyche. 526 more words


Smartphones Are Really Stressing Out Americans

It’s easier than ever to stay in touch on multiple platforms throughout the day, but that 24/7 availability is stressing Americans out. Four out of five adults say they constantly check their email, texts and social media, according to a new… 279 more words

Are we are imprisoning ourselves in the ‘cell’ of our cell phones?

Take a walk around your city and everywhere you will run into people bent over their cell phones. Sometimes neck tilted holding the cell phone in the grip of ear and shoulder; sometimes necks bent 90 degree, eyes dug deep into the smart phone screen. 374 more words


Why People Never Turn Off Their Phones

“Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.” 1,148 more words


G7 solar phone

G7 Solar Phone


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My name is Margarita Moore and I am the inventor of the Curve Smart Phone. 727 more words

Number Seventeen: Just Drive Your F*cking Car Already!

How I’ve made it seventeen blog entries before ranting about drivers is a testament to my willpower. This post will offer nothing other than a chuckle or two, if I’m lucky. 2,190 more words