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The Culprit In The Sanctuary

“There must be a culprit in the sanctuary,” I thought.

The video equipment had been set up and taken down by the same faithful volunteers for close to a year and a half without any problem. 287 more words

John J Frady

Cell phone parenting: Verizon

Verizon lets you have a number of parental control services for free.  Parents can:

  • Block calls, texts, and picture and video texts on up to 5 numbers for up to 90 days on any line for free.  
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Digital Devices & Parent-Teen Time Issues — New Research

Check out the interesting new research just out from Common Sense Media about the issues and challenges when it comes to 21st Century digital kids and their mobile devices. 188 more words

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Why I Don't Own a Smart Phone

I swear, if you told me that I am considered a millennial, I must have missed the memo.  If this post appears to be a shameless act of self aggrandizement, as I brag about my lack of dependence on the latest and greatest in technology and not being one of the “sheeple”, then, that’s exactly what it is.   1,563 more words

Culture War

Cell phones and kids...

There is still great debate about the health hazards of cell phones,  and I am not totally convinced that anything but constant heavy use might cause brain cancer,  but I think children may well be more susceptible than adults.   18 more words

Simple Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Cell Phone

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They are there when you need them most, smartphone cameras anxious to catch those special moments.

But New York Times bestselling author David Pogue says if that’s all you are using your phone’s camera for you are missing out. 819 more words