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3-Frame Story

This week in my NMAC 3145 class, we approached the idea of telling a story through photographs alone. The idea is that you don’t use any words to tell your story, but I’m going to address the restrictions that caused me to have such a haphazard sequence of shots. 207 more words

NMAC 3145

iPhone 7 Review: vs. iPhone 6S

I have both iPhone 6S and 7 and see some improvements.

The iPhone 7 is almost identical to the iPhone 6S, but as we all know, lacks headphone jack. 490 more words

Cell Phones


Why do Rules Exist?

I ponder this question regularly. When I am at work, at home, out shopping, at a sporting event, eating (in or out), walking my dogs, talking on the phone, blogging online, traveling, brushing my teeth, visiting friends, swimming at the beach, going to the bathroom and generally living life; I contemplate the purpose of rules. 1,074 more words


The TCPA Storm Will Cost You

Are you sure you’re safe from the costly TCPA storm?

Statistically speaking, that is not likely the case as hundreds of companies find themselves paying out on TCPA cases each year. 50 more words


Produce A Social-Media Promoting Sprinkle Through These Good Suggestions

Popular social networking sites like Twitting, Googleplus, and Twitter are merely a couple of choices which might be unbelievably potent for companies. Many businesses include didn’t understand the full potential provided by promoting on these sites can perform for his or her businesses .The instructions in this article give you a advertising technique that includes the powerful use of guidelines and hints regarding establishing and sustaining an efficient socialmedia. 345 more words

Make A Socialmedia Advertising Little Through These Excellent Tips

Well-known socialnetworking sites like Facebook, Googleplus, and Tweets are only afew choices which can be incredibly strong for companies. Several organizations get did not identify the full potential offered by promoting on these websites cando due to their businesses .The recommendations in this article give you a advertising tactic that features the efficient usage of guidelines and tips for acquiring and maintaining an efficient social media. 350 more words

Guidelines And Tips For Making Socialmedia Marketing Profitable

Social networking has transformed the way in which folks speak with one another on the web. Individuals are continually revealing info on websites like Facebook and Facebook to create material that’s made by them or someone else.When it’s used the proper way, social networking can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. 808 more words