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Teens are More Confident Chatting Online Leading to an Increase in Cyberbullying

As technology advances and becomes more popular in our daily lives, positive effects arise, but so do negative ones… 828 more words


Saskatchewan sets record for distracted driving tickets

It’s one record Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) says no-one should be proud of.

711 distracted driving tickets were issued in the province in March.

That’s the highest number ever reported in the nearly four-year history of Traffic Safety Spotlights, accounting for nearly $200,000 in tickets, more than 2,800 license demerits, multiple vehicle impoundments, and countless lives at risk. 209 more words


Ring in the knows

A divided household here. Polite, surfaced level, acceptance.

Only a small shrug or eye twitch unconsciously revealing cheers or sneers

Or a little muttering under the breath “not a clue. 634 more words


Are We All Photographers?

Almost all of us have read that book “Are You My Mother?” when we were little. The little baby goes to all the other animals and asks the question to find his mother and all tell him that he is mistaken, but with how things are today, he could have been right. 396 more words


Daily Discussion with BQB - Is it Wrong to Look at Your Cell Phone in a Movie Theater?

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

As you know, I’ve posted extensively on movie theater etiquette, believing the theater is a place where certain rules of decorum must be followed and no one should be doing things that bring down the enjoyment of others. 509 more words


Cell Phones 'Away for the Day'

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A national campaign called “Away for the Day” is hoping to persuade middle schools across the country to go cell phone free. 286 more words


Elbows off, if you please, and other etiquette essentials for children and teens

Local etiquette consultant Jeannie Vaage of VIP Protocol is hosting a manners course for children from seven to 12 years old on Sunday, April 29, and another session geared to teenagers on Sunday, May 6. 151 more words