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Le Grand SoL Anime Rec List

Behold. Behold and gaze upon This Mighty Spreadhsheet which we have brought into this world.


(11.) Tapa

Here’s an almost-1-3-antisymmetric Tapa. Not my finest work, I’ll admit, as this one ended up being easier than intended, and I always end up crowding the edges of the grid with clues. Oh well.

Regular Tapa rules.


Favourite Video Game Art Style vs Real World Art Style

Dear Readers,

This week in class we discussed if video games could be classified as art. After much debate of what art is, I believe video games are art. 338 more words

(2.) Nurikabe

Apparently I’m in the mood for 15×15 puzzles. Here’s a Nurikabe.

Regular Nurikabe rules.


Color or Colour?

Added three different under painting layer for their hair, clothes, and skin.  I also cleaned up some sketch lines and added another shadow layer set to multiple. 35 more words


Perplexible picks: LITS

I’m very happy with how both of these solve. On top of that, the 10×10 one also solves as a Star Battle.

Regular LITS rules.