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 World demands your deliberate artifice

Then us right in the now and hear

Walking alone, along a lonely

Love burnt grey and dust of stars… 71 more words

What it says on the tin

In all of music, is there a more romantic instrument than the cello?

Rhetorical question. ‘Course not.

If you want to hook someone on classical music, take them to see a good cellist play. 383 more words

33 Rpm

What I did this week, Y1W20: New things

Tuesday is too late to write my weekly blogs. A) because I ideally want to write them on a Sunday and B) because I now can’t remember what happened last week except by looking at photos and since the first photo I took last week is on Thursday that is where I’ll have to start. 272 more words


Week 4: Taking Care of Business...

So hey all!

I have been a mess at being on time with my posting lately but one of the reasons is that work  is getting intense as we close in the end of the year and I feel I am just playing catch… Concerts, EVERYWHERE! 389 more words



drip, likely brought on by the coffee I’m drinking to hold me over from the online order that still has not been delivered. No luck on the cello. 169 more words