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To Phub or not to Phub

I just can’t keep up with all this stuff! It seems like every time I read the news -even on trusted websites like the BBC, or our own CBC- somebody has come up with a catchy new term that I’ve never heard before. 1,218 more words

Photographer's Eye

It is said that photography doesn’t follow specific rules. The beauty of a picture is dependent with the skills of the photographer. However, there are some written rules that we can also follow to capture those precious moments. 463 more words


I Fell Off The Stairs And It Changed My Life

One fine day, I was discussing with my colleagues during lunch break, how I had fallen from my college’s stairs once. Little did I know, my fate was going to repeat itself the very next day. 471 more words


My Dream Phone Honor8X

I was not happy with my phone as it was behaving weirdly… space ran out… processor got old enough although I bought it about two years back only.. 752 more words


Cellphone coverage

I try to be ‘off the grid’ … but not having Internet access may be the hardest part (for me). I do use a smartphone and access the www often. 242 more words

Cellphones: The Master Manipulators Inside the Classrooms

By: Jade Parochelin, TTN Multimedia Reporter

Cellphones are the master manipulator of the 21st century existence. They have been the technological and cultural game-changers of this generation, they might also the reason of huge distractions inside the four walls of the school’s classroom. 232 more words


Smartphone Mod Goes Out On A Limb

The modern smartphone has a variety of ways to interact with its user – the screen, the speakers, and of course, the vibration motor. But what if your phone could interact physically? 183 more words

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