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Targus Universal Docking Stations work with Android 5.0 and later devices, including mobile phones.

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Unlocking Your Cell Phone

Unlocking your cell phone means that it can be used on the network of any phone company, and of course the advantages are obvious. A law making cell phone unblocking legal is set to be introduced by the President, and the bill will make it legal to… 184 more words

Reverse Cell Phones

Facebook Reverse Cell Phone Tips

A reverse cell phone inquiry is actually easier than a reverse inquiry via an email address. It can take quite a bit of guesswork to look up someone by email address, and the results can be disappointing much of the time. 197 more words

Reverse Cell Phones

The Basics About Text Message Marketing

Mobile marketing is understood to be using your mobile device to grow your business or advertise your products and generating their sales. They have gained pretty much prime importance lately as more than 300 million Americans have cellular phones within their hand. 463 more words

Cheaper smartphones will empower women in poverty: C2MTL speaker

Rapidly dropping smartphone prices mean three-quarters of the world’s population probably will own one by 2025, a reality that will bring seismic change politically, economically and socially, communications executive Rangu Salgame said Thursday in a closing-day address at the C2 Montreal conference. 151 more words


Asus Zenfone 2 to sell in Canada, starting at $249, unlocked, without a contract

NEW YORK — Starting Tuesday, Canadian consumers will have a new option for a premium smartphone that comes without a contract, yet at a price comparable an iPhone 6 or other high-end phones with a wireless contract. 854 more words

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