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Trying to detox from cellphone addiction

Every year, my husband and I take our kids on a two-week trip that differs from our other vacations in one significant way: We completely unplug from the Internet. 1,063 more words


Dirt City Limits 26: Coachella, Cell Phones and a Couple of Tangents

Is this year’s Coachella lineup enticing? Should cellphones be disabled at concerts? Does drinking wine lead to conversations about stage diving, festival fencing and Tyler Butler? 54 more words


Telus agrees to give up to $7.3M in customer rebates for misleading ads

Telus has become the second Canadian telecommunications company to reach an agreement with the Competition Bureau over its participation in misleading premium text message services. 114 more words

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How Far Can My Addenda Take Me?

If my last couple of posts have made you wonder whether I’m always for change and innovation, fear not. Let me tell you about

Some Things I Don’t Do Because They Do Not Make My Life Better… 523 more words

Acer Liquid M220

When it comes to the latest in gadgets and electronics, I’m just not the first person my friends and family turn to for advice. I’m actually one who’s slow to adapt – I’ve just switched from the not-so humble but lowly qwerty phone to a legitimate Android smartphone two years ago and I have only learned how to navigate a phone that runs iOS upon getting myself my own iPhone a few months ago. 684 more words


Why Huawei will be the biggest Chinese smartphone maker ever

Much of the hype surrounding China-based smartphone makers has centered on Xiaomi, an Apple-like company with a very loyal fanbase. However, it’s Huawei that may just deserve the spotlight. 660 more words


Examination: Water-cooled system could boost the efficiency of cellular phones

as well as desktop computer is various, cellular phones inside the body evidently incapable to suit a cooling system, so Linus Tech will certainly bring a plastic box, after that load it with chilly water as well as ice, filling up, such a basic water air conditioning system on one of the most ALRIGHT. 411 more words