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Wayne Moriarty: Distracted or impaired, the penalties for reckless driving should be the same

Some 10 years ago, psychologists at the University of Utah published a study showing that people who use cellphones while driving are as impaired as drivers with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08. 540 more words

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LG V20 smartphone review: Great audio and large screen, but infrequent security updates

One of the wonderful – and horrible – things about cell phones is that there are so many to choose from. It’s wonderful because we have choice. 1,115 more words

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Individual Cell Towers In Neighborhoods And On Community Streets Requested by Industry

By Catherine J Frompovich | NaturalBlaze

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking the public’s comments about an issue of growing serious concerns for a great many informed consumers, especially those who understand the hidden dynamics of microwaves and their non-thermal radiation waves, regarding the placement of “small cell infrastructures”, i.e., small cell towers just about everywhere, including next to your home either on your street or within your immediate neighborhood! 1,073 more words


I lost my phone: The silver lining

So recently, I lost my phone and decided not to get a new one (for now). And for the past few weeks, I’ve realized how attached I have been to my phone. 492 more words


Android vs. Apple

I’ve been using cell phones since the late 1990’s when I purchased my first phone and entered into my first agreement with Cingular One.

Do you remember them? 599 more words


Cooper: Students unplug and discover how to reconnect with world

In the past decade, I have occasionally bumped into students whose attention is confined to a telephone screen. I never used a so-called smartphone until my old cellphone became obsolete and have been curious about what people find so compelling about them. 549 more words


TCL, BlackBerry reveal partnership details and unveil upcoming ‘Mercury’ smartphone

LAS VEGAS — Almost like a couple that went on a few dates to gauge compatibility, TCL Corp. has made its courtship with BlackBerry Ltd. official at CES 2017, with the two announcing a partnership to utilize their respective resources. 989 more words

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