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It seems many people in the west are sick of and stressed out. It is a very common problem which frequently goes neglected. It affects considerably more women than men. 264 more words

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11 Scientific Facts About the Very Real Struggle of Cellulite

Over 80% of women have cellulite and chances are, most have tried to get rid of the stubborn condition to little success. For many of us, cellulite is something we’ve been taught to dread and fear. 759 more words

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite may be more visible than fat deeper in the body. Everyone has layers of fat under the skin so even thin people can have cellulite. 779 more words

Pelleve- The Most Effective Way to Tighten Skin

Is the problem of cellulite preventing you from relaxing at the beach in your swimsuit? Cellulite has been troubling women as well as men from decades. 287 more words

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How does Cryo-Stimulation reduce fat and cellulite?

Stubborn, hard to shift fat, tends to be located in areas of the body which have a much higher density of alpha-receptors; these react with hormones and actually inhibit fat lipolysis. 157 more words


Examples of home remedies that you can try as cellulite treatments

Cellulites are the dimpling, bumps and nodules appearing in women. These unsightly skin marks are colored yellow to orange earning the name cottage cheese skin and these can be attributed to the fat cells and tissues in the body and the poor elasticity of the skin. 466 more words