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Prototype: Celtic Frost

Rating: 10%

This record sucks! Not all is completely lost! Actually it is! We have a mixture of Industrial Metal, Rap, and crap. There is a reason, this album never made it past the demo stage. 28 more words


Cold Lake: Celtic Frost

Rating: 60%

So 1988, amidst the Glam/Hair/Pop Metal scene, you have the early Black Metal act Celtic Frost releasing a Glam Metal album as their fourth record…or did they? 482 more words

Heavy Metal

To Mega Therion: Celtic Frost

Rating: 90%

In 1985, the debut “To Mega Therion” was released by Celtic Frost. I purchased this album after listening to S.O.D.’s “Celtic Frosted Flakes” song. 255 more words

Black Metal

Gravehill - The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane (Review)

This is the fourth album from US death metallers Gravehill.

2014’s Death Curse was a very tasty serving of rotting metallic delights, and now the band are back with another mouldy 43 minutes of atavistic death metal. 235 more words


Album of the Day: Celtic Frost - Monotheist

Label: Century Media

There shouldn’t be much confusion as to why the final album from Celtic FrostMonotheist, deserves to be album of the day for practically every day, but in case you’ve forgotten – go listen to it. 185 more words

Doom Metal


Might sound like a cliché, but progression is the only constant in life, and this is especially true in music. In fact, incessant change is the norm in prog. 204 more words

Dream Theater


HOLLYWOOD, CA – After a four year hiatus, rockers SUBSONIC have announced the release of a new project scheduled for spring 2018 via DSN Music. The 12 track album titled “RIO CLEO” is an eclectic mix of progressive, alternative, and pure hard rock, reminiscent of works from the Grammy award nominated album “NO SUCH SOUL” from SUBSONIC. 168 more words