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Celtic Frost’s “Monotheist” To Be Released On Limited Edition Vinyl For 10th Anniversary

Celtic Frost‘s final album “Monotheist” is set to be reissued on limited edition vinyl for its 10th anniversary. It will be available on May 13, via Century Media, and can be preordered… 102 more words


Heretique - De Non Existentia Dei (Review)

This is the second album from Heretique, a Polish Death Metal band.

This is solid old-school Death Metal that takes additional influence from older Metal and proto-Black Metal, making for a well-rounded release that creates its own atmosphere and character with ease. 319 more words


Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (1987)

Without the novelty of Celtic Frost’s sonic experiments to inform my perception of this album in 1987 (I wouldn’t be born for 5 years, my parents weren’t married yet, computer game programmers couldn’t count on joysticks having more than one button), what really ended up shocking me about… 410 more words


Morbid Tales- A Tribute to Celtic Frost

Stacked up against myriad others of the same lofty caste, Corpse Flower unleashed another tribute album to the legendary, avant garde/ black/thrash metal pioneers, Celtic Frost. 324 more words

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Éohum - Ealdfaeder EP (2016)

ÉohumEaldfaeder (Mycelium Networks, 18 March 2016)

Have you ever noticed that the first example of something you hear — not all of the time, but pretty often — tends to have a profound impact on you and can color or influence your perception of any similar thing you hear later? 881 more words

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The New Band VS The Old Band

Recently, I formed a new band with some of my closest friends. This is the second band I’ve been involved with as a founding member, but it is already so different from when I formed my first band Narcotic Death at the tender age of 16. 2,385 more words

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Yelphammer, Epistle VIII: Chili's, Jersey City

In Which Sweet Torment Taints Tom G. Warrior’s Chili’s Dr. Pepper-Glazed BBQ Ribs Experience…