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after the destruction comes a rebirth. of plants. of flowers. hands are twined with olive branches and flowers are made into crowns. the earth is renewed as the tides turn to peace.

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Herbal Goddesses From Around the World.

In the West, herbal lore is often associated with the wise, or cunning woman; women who were persecuted as witches in the Middle Ages for their forbidden knowledge. 708 more words


Cat's Bit's & Pieces: Celtic Tree Month of Ash - February 18 - March 17

 Celtic Tree Month of Ash – February 18 – March 17

“The Ash Tree is thought to contain the key to Universal knowledge and understanding within it’s winged seeds.” (author unknown to me) 846 more words

Cat's Bits And Pieces

the selkie

she sings a song so sweetly
in waters deep and cold
until her heart is stolen
by men both brave and bold

part six: favorite mythological creature (via  35 more words


Thin Place

Here there are no clear lines-

then is now, now is then; dead, alive,

that world and this. All wrapped in the hiss

of heather and gorse, dun in secret moorland light, 23 more words


Thanks Everyone!

Yesterday I did go beyond counting readers of The Fireborn on the fingers on one hand to two, then all of my toes, and ended up needing that abacus I talked about ;)  The rankings did spike for a while – I was #8 and #5 in Arthurian Legends in UK and Canada respectively for most of the day.  380 more words