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Thin Places | Children's Poetry

Thin Places is a poetry book written by Lesley Choyce—it has one single narrative running through in free verse. The story follows Declan Lynch who is young, lives in North America, and is a little unusual. 458 more words


Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives?

Cats are said to have nine lives, an idiom used to describe someone that has cheated death, and common enough English that it was referenced in Shakespeare’s… 580 more words


# 12 - Holder of Lightening, S. L. Farrel

So this one has been on my shelf for a while.  Decided to forgo the stacks of new acquisitions and headed down into the bookcave to see what might catch my eye.  633 more words



(2,009 words)

My best friend Aiden believes his father is a god.

“Not some dumb comic book god like Thor,” he says. He paces around the headstone I sit back against, as he smokes his stolen Marlboros. 2,062 more words

Short Stories

The Sea King's wife

Creeping in at the last minute with my own story for this week’s challenge.

I told him there was no point, that she would not be coming back. 270 more words


Dian Cecht - Mythology's Most Terrible Father?

Most people think that the crown of worst father in all of mythology belongs to Zeus. Those people are wrong.

After Nuada, king of the Tuatha De Dannan, loses a hand he’s forced to step down, thanks to a law saying that the King of Ireland had to be unblemished. 589 more words