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Mystical Lough Gur

Writer’s block can be a torment, but one comes out of it the stronger–albeit a little shaky at first.  But this place, the most mystical spot I’ve visited yet in Ireland, is enough for a breakthrough:  Lough Gur in Co. 1,271 more words

Dervorgilla and Celtic Mythology

Dervorgilla came from Norway and was a stranger in Ireland. She had listened to so many tales about Cú Chulainn that she decided he would have to be her only love. 444 more words

Co. Down

Lughnasadh Away Weekend

But Archivist, I hear you cry Lughnasadh was almost two weeks ago! I know, but the Beltane Fire Society Lughnasadh away weekend starts tomorrow and that’s where I’m going to be all weekend. 48 more words

Ship in Air

Here’s a nice anecdote told twice, first from some anonymous Irish source, and then Seamus Heaney’s version of it in verse. This was the first poem of Heaney’s I ever saw, back in high school when someone showed me the… 344 more words