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The Sons of Thestian by M.E. Vaughan (The Harmatia Cycle Book One)

Original Title: The Sons of Thestian

Year Published: 2016

Published by: Mag Mell Publishing

Number of Pages: 550

First Sentence: Run, damn you, run!” 717 more words

Book Review

Slacking/not Slacking part 2

I didn’t write a poem last night. Not because I wasn’t motivated though. This goes back to the same reason you got Slacking/not Slacking part 1. 32 more words


Embracing The Hag: Feminist Implications Of Proto-Pagan Ritual

Mythologies across the world have stories from before the regular pantheon. Before the Norse gods there were frost giants, and before Zeus there was Cronos and the Titans. 954 more words

Irish Mythology: Donn Fírinne, The Dark One

In Irish mythology, Donn is a god of the dead. Donn is the modern Irish word for the colour brown and appears as an element in many Irish surnames like Donegan, Donovan, Donnelly and on its own as Dunn/Dunne. 422 more words


Bran the Blessed, Celtic God of Regeneration ... raven.

“And being called Bran, how did that come about?”

“Nate, in high school.”

“Do you know about the Celtic legends? About Bran the Blessed, the Raven?

150 more words

Winter Solstice: the Holly King vs The Oak King

‘Things have to get worse before they can get better.’

With each passing day of autumn we lose daylight. However, as the Winter Solstice arrives, the shortest day arrives, and we gain more daylight going forward.

293 more words