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The weekend where many small things happened

Anyone who frequently reads these blog posts would quite reasonably be able to draw the conclusion that my life is not made up of a series of staggeringly exciting events.   1,002 more words


Orange Order members elected as Councillors

Well it seems that the left side has their knickers in a twist about the Heralds post “Orange Order elected to councils as Labour and Tory members.” 274 more words


The day I didn't wear a jacket

I am not a man who typically makes bold decisions. On a day-to-day basis my greatest considerations are typically whether or not to match my socks to the colour of my tie, what kind of sandwich I should eat for lunch and how many sticks of celery I will use in my juice. 974 more words


The day the Aussies came to the soccer

Here is what I know about Aussie rules football:

What follows is what I know about Aussies who rule going to the football.

Saturday was a remarkable day at Celtic Park for a multitude of reasons. 549 more words


The night that was a damp squib

The phrase “such and such turned into a real damp squib” has always given me a lot of trouble, not least because I was never aware of what a squib actually is, which in turn lended to my natural instinct to determine that the saying must be referring to a damp squid.   1,246 more words


The day I realised I had a crack in my sole

All good things are destined to come to an end at some time, be it potentially record-breaking winning streaks in the league or the sustainability of a fine pair of boots.   729 more words


"Dear Green Place" - Beautiful Glasgow

Bonnie Wee Glasgow

The home to some of the most famous stadiums in the world, Glasgow was high on my to do list in Scotland. 725 more words