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When I Do Not Know What To Pray

These past days have been very challenging to the way I pray. I have beloved ones in harm’s way, and I pray for their safety. And I am aware that thousands of others are in the same harm’s way, and I pray for them. 532 more words

Saturday Fragmentia Sacra

Holy tidbit for Saturday. Live faithfully, and be brave, dear ones.


Friday Fragmentia Sacra

Friday, the day after Thursday, generally falling before Saturday, and a mere two days before Sunday. Having now solidified my grasp of the obvious…

Fragmentia Sacra. 76 more words


Rewilding Prayer: How Caim Invites Protection for All of Creation

This week my youngest son started pre-school. And while his mornings will be spent within woodland walls and upon forest floors at a nature preschool, both he and and I were experiencing a deep anxiety around this fundamental shift in our daily rhythm together. 1,127 more words

PRAYER: A Pilgrim's Plea attributed to Saint Brendan

Shall I abandon, O King of mysteries, the soft comforts of home?
Shall I turn my back on my native land, and my face towards the sea? 143 more words

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PRAYER: A Hymn Of Praise by An Irish Monk

Hail to you, glorious Lord!
May chancel and church praise you,
May plain and hillside praise you,
May the three springs praise you,
Two higher than the wind and one above the Earth, 120 more words

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This is merely a note to awaken you to what is emerging here at Waymarkers. I graduated with my Masters in Theology & Culture from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and a specialization in Thomas Berry’s Universe Story from Yale University this past June. 131 more words