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Quote from John O'Donohue

“In Greek, the word for “the beautiful” is to kalon.  It is related to the word kalein which includes the notion of ‘call’.  When we experience beauty, we feel called.  

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Wild Goose

The light of awareness is shining bright in that I am unable, currently, to write the long and inspiring blog posts that my soul calls me to write. 185 more words



Snow woke us from our slumber,
open windows to a clement January eve,
more arrived beyond the foretold flurry.

We cannot contain you in prediction…

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St Patrick's Breastplate

I’ve loved this a long time!

St Patrick’s Breastplate is a popular prayer attributed to St Patrick of Ireland. According to the tradition, St Patrick wrote it c.433 AD in praying for divine protection before successfully leading the Irish king and his followers to Christ. 202 more words


Bride of Kildare

Radiant Fire

Oh, my beloved, from my hands words flow,
radiant fire, Bride’s ignited glow.

In your blessing through fire’s light,
I am a poet in Brigid’s night.

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I have news for you

I have news for you

A keen wind yaws branches,
a reel stepped under icy breath
Buds burgeon on slender fingers
in ready for spring’s nativity…

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Soul Friend, Old Friend, Fur-Friend

The ancient Celts kept in touch with their Creator by touching creation. All of nature breathed in and breathed out –the very breath of God  — and all the world was soaked in the Spirit. 1,308 more words

Spirituality And Mental Health