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An Introduction to the Tuatha de Danann

 Danu by Druidssart. Click on image to go to her Etsy store.

Sunday 06/28. 10.30-5.30pm. Woodfin (5 Mins from Downtown Asheville)

This workshop is a response to lots of questions i’ve been asked about the Tuatha de Danann, and although this is a huge topic the workshop will cover the following: 385 more words

An Inner Whisper Not Obvious Or Known To Others

Human identity is complex. Nothing is ever given simply or immediately. Even the simplest act of perception has many layers…Time and memory often reveal things later that were staring us in the eye, but we never noticed them.  365 more words


My Upcoming Book: Celtic Blessings

I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new book coming out in early spring, 2016. The title has been set: Celtic Blessings: Christ beside Me, Christ within Me… 111 more words


Out Through the In Door

It was 1970. I was under-ripe, but hoping for the best at 7 years old. My Dad was developing the basement in our tiny 1000 square foot bungalow in Calgary, Alberta. 1,001 more words


The ‘He’ in ‘Here’

As God is the ultimate, unsurpassed being, any encounter with Him must, of necessity, be the summit of a human life; the nec plus ultra… 826 more words

Celtic Spirituality

The Only Moment We Have

Its a funny old world isn’t it. Since I was a child I have had the ability to step back and just look at the overall picture. 455 more words


The changing face of prayer

As I deepen, glacially but surely, in the Way of Jesus I am finding freedom in the manner, frequency, and creativity of spiritual intercourse. There are a number of factors in these discoveries. 544 more words