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Happy Bealtaine

I finally own a car and after two weeks of driving to work and back plus a couple grocery store runs, I took my first official road trip. 860 more words

Celtic Wandering

Easter Rising – 100 years on

It’s the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland – the largest catalyst to establishing Irish independence from Britain.  The Easter Rising could be equivalent to the Boston Tea Party in the United States.  697 more words

Celtic Wandering

I'm Dreaming of a White....Easter!

Let me clear any misconceptions – no, I am not hoping for the four letter word s-n-o-w!

Whilst many people are on the healthy dark chocolate train, I’m still wedded to the white variety. 238 more words

Celtic Wandering

The Daffodils Are Confused

There are some very old and very wise sayings that spring from incidents that just too full of coincidence to ignore. Things like it raining after you’ve washed your car or miserable weather the one day in summer you plan your outdoor picnic. 244 more words

Celtic Wandering

Happy Leap Day

Happy day-that-only-occurs-every-four-years-except-on-a-century-and-other-seemingly-random-times.

Who doesn’t like extra free time? Yet when we get our extra day every four years-ish, it’s not really ours to do with as we would like. 294 more words

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Three Weeks!

Only three weeks (and two days) from the day the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny had President Higgins declare the dissolution of the Dáil (parliament or roughly Senate equivalent) until Election Day (February 26th). 530 more words

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Trad Fest 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year. A time where the gloomy weather, seemingly endless rain, and short days are enough to drive even the most cheerful of disposition to despair. 721 more words

Celtic Wandering