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Have a Chocolatey Easter

I’m sorry to say that my egg hunt this year didn’t turn up anything super spectacular.  Yes, there were some themed choices based on popular movies and such, but nothing “artful” enough to say ‘pick me up and show me off’. 37 more words

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California Dreamin' - Part 4 (Final)

Apologies for the delay in finishing the California series.  Technical issues with my laptop, long hours at work, etc. got in the way.

The last stop on the trip was Santa Monica.  351 more words

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Emma and the Beast from the East

We interrupt this regularly scheduled trip through sunny Los Angeles with breaking news of a blizzard in Dublin, Ireland.

Yes, you heard that right, a blizzard in Ireland.  556 more words

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California Dreamin' (Part 3)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to an observatory.  You know, the kind with the telescopes that look up into the night sky?

I’ve been to several in my lifetime, and there were seldom more than a dozen or so people on the premises. 242 more words

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California Dreamin' (part 2)

Next stop, Hollywood itself.  Hollywood Boulevard, anyway.  Grauman’s then Mann’s, then Grauman’s again, and most recently TCL Chinese Theater.  Still the icon it was back in the 1920’s.  147 more words

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California Dreamin' - Part 1

In late January I was on a part-business, part-leisure trip to Los Angeles.  Having flown all that way from Dublin, a few days of sight-seeing were on the cards. 448 more words

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Happy Holidays!

Traditionally, I’ve gone “window” shopping in Dublin during the holidays to see what festive scenes the stores created.  This year, however, early December was bitterly cold and I couldn’t get a day off during the week (weekends are just thronged with people walking in front of the camera). 137 more words

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