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Seers and Healers

Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

Seers and Healers

Lady Gregory

In talking to the people I often heard the name of Biddy Early, and I began to gather many stories of her, some calling her a healer and some a witch. 23,514 more words


Herbs, Charms and Wise Women

collected and arranged by

Lady Gregory

G. P. Putman’s sons, New York and London, 1920

Herbs, Charms and Wise Women

There is a saying in Irish, “An old woman without learning, it is she will be doing charms”; and I have told in “Poets and Dreamers” of old Bridget Ruane who came and gave me my first knowledge of the healing power of certain plants, some it seemed having a natural and some a mysterious power. 6,350 more words

Wise Women

Hibs 2-1 Celtic, 3 August 1997

The season started in the brightest of fashions. Although the conclusion to the previous campaign had been worrying, with Duffy managing only three wins out of the 16 league matches under his charge, it was charitably assumed that the close season preparation and some new recruits would see a different Hibs emerge. 116 more words

Press Cuttings

Celtic Advent Day 3: Giving Thanks In Work

Day 3 says to, “Give thinks for one thing you enjoy in your work.” I’m a stay at home mommy currently looking for work. I do remember the daily grind, though. 470 more words


Irish Lullaby

Brand new pattern: Irish Lullaby lap / baby blanket knitting pattern. There’s a special introductory price on Ravelry til Nov 18, 2017! The design begins with that gorgeous Celtic heart centrepiece (knit flat) and then the outer borders are knit in the round.


Day 2 Celtic Advent: Encourage A Friend In Need

Encourage. Its word origin is french. In Corage – In Courage – Encourage. It means to give support, confidence, or hope in someone.  What a time of year to be encouraging; the season of hope and joy. 248 more words


Celtic Titans Of Danmonium

The Celtic Titans of Danmonium, It appears that the Idea of Giants was not just widely accepted in the past not just from the commoner but from those who had access to higher knowledge. 210 more words