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Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester, MA

A Cherub,at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, Expresses Sheer Delight With the Small Bird Resting in the Palm of His Hand


Graves as Aviary: Cemetery Ornithology 2

In a recent post, I identified modern gravestones as a medium upon which birds might perch, bringing life, movement and atmosphere to seemingly solid, static and lifeless cemetery spaces. 775 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

St. Roch’s Cemetery, Oxford, MA

A Very Curious Squirrel Explores a Grave at St. Roch’s Cemetery in Oxford, MA

Garden Statues

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I’ve been thinking about what it means to me to be able to live in Edinburgh for two years.  Even though I was very excited to be able to come here to obtain a higher degree pertinent to a great interest of mine, school has not been the defining factor of this experience. 738 more words

Jamie Gray

Cemetery Ornithology 1

Death and birds: there are many dimensions to the relationship across human mortality and our feathered friends. Birds – especially carrion feeders – can be omens of death and birds can be regarded as the spirits of the dead ascending to heavenly realms or they can be psychopompic emblems: guiding the soul to eternal rest. 514 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Woorndoo cemetery in the spring

One of the best cemeteries to visit in the spring is at Woorndoo. It is just off the Victorian Volcanic Plain bioregion and in one called Dundas Tableland. 7 more words


St. John's Cemetery, Worcester, MA

A Baby Angel, Wearing a Diaper and Clutching a Baby Bottle, Sits on a Soft Cushion Resting on the Base of a Gravestone at St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, MA