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A grave legal dispute in Essex

In the first quarter of the nineteenth century Londoners began to realise they had a problem with their dead. The capital’s population was growing so fast that the parish graveyards were running out of space and posing a very real health hazard to the living. 293 more words

Police Court


Today is Star Wars Day and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and sandwiched in between, from sunset to sunset, is Holocaust Remembrance Day. We are an odd bunch. 311 more words


Hillside Cemetery, Auburn, MA

An Exhausted Gnome Takes a Nap in the Sun at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA


Engraved history

I spent the morning of the final day of my fifty-eighth year walking through the cemetery in my hometown, Montague, Michigan. I had not been to the cemetery since we laid Dad to rest in 2010. 1,361 more words

All Faiths Cemetery, Worcester, MA

The Stone Face of a Cherub With a Plaintive Expression Found at All Faiths (Also Known as New Swedish) Cemetery on Island Road in Worcester, MA


Once Upon a Time in the West

Under a quiet headstone in Mount Olivet Cemetery today rests an honest-to-goodness reminder of the “Wild Wild West” (the real one, not the Will Smith movie). 636 more words