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The Black Death, Plague, and Mass Mortality

Andree Beauchamp
University of Manitoba
Abstract: Cultural funerary practices typically entail a set of common rituals, ceremonies, and treatments that are common to the cultural group. 208 more words


Woodstock Hill Burial Ground, Woodstock, CT

A Winged Cherub Found on an 18th Century Gravestone at Woodstock Hill Burial Ground in Woodstock, CT


Hull Remembers: Edward Booth Headstone Restored

Guest-blogger John Scotney reports on the work undertaken by the Friends of Hull General Cemetery, a small community group, to restore a local memorial to the victim of a tragic train crash, which spurred rail safety measures. 1,240 more words


Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester, MA

A Fairy, With Her Delicate Wings Bathed in Late Afternoon Sunlight, Plucks an Enchanted Tune on Her Tiny Harp at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA


Christian Ancient Burial Places

Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology

01_Christian Ancient Burial Places

June 2014, Vol.2, No. 1, pp. 57-73

ISSN: 2334-2420 (Print), 2334-2439 (Online)

Copyright © The Author(s). 2014. 99 more words


Sacred Heart Cemetery, Webster, MA

An Anthropomorphic Frog, Clutching an Open Umbrella, Holds out His Palm to Check for Rain at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Webster, MA