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New Orleans, Louisana—part I

Arnaud’s Restuarant Musicians/French Quarter

Best Fried Chicken/Treme

Marcus our cemetery tour guide in the Garden District.

The Garden District

Preservation Hall/French Quarter

Spark And Muse

Paranormal Activity ❤

Hello there/May peace be upon you! 😁

Some may say that I’m crazy. Some may say that I’m weird. Some may say that I’m risking my own life. 331 more words

Excursion 27, Part 3 (Home through the Hills)

It is a shame that Appalachian Ohioans cannot replicate some of the successes that West Virginians have had bringing federal money to help their struggling state.  940 more words


HAIKU -- 02282015-3

city of the living

the city of the dead —

traffic all one way


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Thompson Springs, Utah Petroglyphs & Pictographs

Here at Thompson Springs, Sego Canyon are Petroglyphs and Pictographs from at least three different time periods. 88 more words

A Full-Packed of Discovery: A Roller Coaster Trip to Mt. Mabilog (Traverse) | Lake Yambo and Lake Pandin | Bunga Falls | Underground Cemetery

The trip was unexpected and unplanned but it turned to be one of the full packed and nutritious trip I had for the month of February. 947 more words