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Mummies and Nazca Lines


Travel time: 2 hours

Hotel: Hotel Alegria

What I’ve learnt:

  1. A lot about the ancient Nazca burial rituals
  2. That grave robbers ruin everything…
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Memorial Day

I remember Memorial Day as the day my parents took us kids to cemeteries in Williamson County, TN to put flowers on the graves of our deceased relatives. 253 more words

Funerary Urns as Fine Art in North Carolina

Okay, who wouldn’t want to spend eternity in a “Party Jar?” That’s what artist Julie Moore titled her whimsically woven cremation urn in Oakwood Cemetery’s juried art urn competition… 104 more words

Many Parts

Intricate:  : having many complexly interrelating parts or elements


This week’s The Daily Post Photo Challenge asked for photos that depict something intricate.  I went for an early morning drive around our downtown area, looking for things that fell under this category. 

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Considering a Cemetery

I’ve spent a lot of time with my topic Local Funeral Rites and Customs this past semester. At one point, in a recent blog post, … 257 more words


Maximilian Bumbershoot

Maximilian Bumbershoot opened the door to his very own Mortuary. This had been a dream of his since childhood. While his classmates had fantasies of becoming arctic explorers or aviators, Max Bumbershoot felt most at home among the dead. 153 more words

Victorian Family