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Personal reflections on getting fat as a dad

After my wife and I had our first kid a few years ago, I joked that becoming a father was a great way to get out of shape. 1,274 more words

Baha'i Faith

Dr. Life's Secrets to Health and Wellness (a promotional video on Cenegenics)

Randy Alvarez interviews Jeff Life, M.D ….. Dr. Life explains what he does to look so good at 73 years old.

Who is Dr. Jeffry S. 517 more words

Play the Growing Old Gracefully Game!

We’re going to play a little game. Take a look at these before and after photos visually extolling the remarkable results of the Cenegetics healthy aging program. 114 more words


Boys and Their Games: How Far Some Men Go to Play Pickup Soccer

For those of you who have the unfortunate fate in life to be linked to a man who loves playing pickup sports (I’m thinking wives here, primarily), this selection might provide some solace.  499 more words


My Experience with Age Management Medicine at Cenegenics

I was 44 years old (I’m 48 now), 30 pounds overweight, with a distinct lack of energy.  My marriage was suffering because I just wasn’t motivated to have sex very much.  814 more words

The creepiest ad ever

I’ve been travelling a lot lately and so, when I’m not trying to catch up on sleep or devour some new book in-flight, I find myself turning to that staple of the coach class: the airline magazine. 374 more words

Pop Culture

Calling all men: You can be a skinny (cenegenics) bastard!

Women are already the victims of countless diet books and weight-loss scams, it seems only fitting that men start to bear more of the body image weight. 227 more words