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Nigeria stumbles in biometrics implementation

The decision to automate some of the phases of an electoral process does not allow for improvisation or shortcuts. However, there are nations that fail in the adoption of technology because of their eagerness to hasten the modernization of their systems or due to their privileging interests different from those of the citizens and their political rights. 326 more words

Nigeria takes a winning bet on biometric identification

Africa has had to overcome enormous social, economic, and political difficulties to be able to stand before the world as a region where citizens’ rights are respected. 360 more words

Autor do gol da vitória do Tricolor, Rogério Ceni afirma: 'O importante é ter colhão'

O goleiro Rogério Ceni foi o autor do único gol da partida entre São Paulo e São Bento na última quinta-feira (12), no Morumbi, pela nona rodada do Campeonato Paulista. 217 more words


CENI: a hardline Church of Christ approach to Scripture

Let’s talk about a type of interpretive method common in hardline Churches of Christ (and definitely used in Johnny Robertson’s and James Oldfield’s television broadcasts).  It basically states – every practice, thought, and value we hold must find within the New Testament (they excluded the Old Testament because they are Marcionites…oops…I mean because they are the Church under the NT constitution and not the OT – Israel’s constitution) a clear command, example, or necessary inference.  390 more words

Johnny Robertson

Reynders et De Croo en équilibristes à Bujumbura

Coupures dans la coopération, fraudes électorales, « rébellion » dans le nord-ouest du Burundi et bonne gouvernance seront parmi les sujets au menu de Didier Reynders et Alexander De Croo lors de leur visite au Burundi. 1,354 more words

La situation risque de se compliquer : Processus électoral ; le danger gronde à l’horizon !

Le président de la Ceni a déjà tiré la sonnette d’alarme : si le parlement ne dote pas son institution de l’arsenal juridique nécessaire et à temps, le processus électoral court vers la catastrophe. 490 more words